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Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the website.

These Terms of Service ("Terms of Service") set forth the legal framework governing access to and use of the website. Access to and use of the website are subject to acceptance of these Terms of Service. We may modify these Terms of Service at any time. You will be notified of any modifications via specific notices posted on the website.
By accessing or using the website, you agree to comply with these Terms of Service and any modifications that are in effect during your session. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please do not access or use the website.
1. The website
The website allows you, via a single online portal, to book a room in any B&B hotel and to post reviews, testimonials and comments concerning your stay in a B&B hotel. All deals, terms and conditions of booking and agreements concerning any given B&B hotel are offered and to be accepted from the B&B hotel operator ("Operator") in question, in accordance with the applicable B&B Hotels Terms of Sale. The Operators are listed in the applicable Terms of Sale. Should a contradiction or ambiguity become apparent between the clauses of these Terms of Service and those of the applicable General Terms of Sale, the clauses of the General Terms of Sale take precedence.
2. Registration
To access and use the website and certain services it may be necessary to register on the website and/or for the services in question. Where applicable, please follow the instructions on your screen.
In using the website, you acknowledge that:
•    You are fit to comply with these Terms of Service; and
•    You are over 18 years of age, or are of legal age in your country of residence or in the country of which you are a citizen.
You may be issued with passwords to complete the setup of your account or access certain services offered by the website. You must keep your password confidential, and shall be deemed responsible for any website access session enabled via the entry of said password.
3. Your rights
The site’s publisher grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license. Free of charge, it allows you to access the website and the content thereof, and to use them in accordance with these Terms of Service for private non-commercial purposes.
You are not allowed to (i) reproduce, display, extract, adapt and/or translate the website and/or the content thereof, in whole or in part, unless such an action is permitted under these Terms of Service; (ii) directly or indirectly make the website and/or the content thereof, in whole or in part, available to a third party; (iii) extract or re-use the content of the website, in whole or in part, partially or in its entirety, in whatever format and on whatever medium; (iv) bypass the protection or access control measures that apply to the website and/or the content thereof, in whole or in part.
You must obtain prior written permission from the site’s publisher for any use of the website and/or the content thereof, in whole or in part, which falls outside of the aforementioned framework, including (among others) its use for commercial purposes. You are prohibited from using the website and/or the content thereof, in whole or in part, in an illegal, fraudulent, inacceptable or inappropriate manner. You are not allowed to use automated means to use the website and/or the content thereof, in whole or in part, including (among others), the inbuilt databases.
4. Rights granted by you
By uploading and posting content on the website, you grant the site’s publisher and its affiliates the non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable and free-of-charge right to reproduce, represent, adapt and translate your content, which includes, without limitation: (i) copying of your content by any known or as yet unknown means, for example, but not limited to, physical means (hard copy), electronic means or digital means (including online); (ii) display or publication of your content on the website or on any other known or or as yet unknown medium, for example, but not limited to, physical media (hard copy), electronic media, digital media (including online) and any other means of dissemination; (iii) adaptation of your content, which includes, without limitation, the right to modifier, correct, incorporate your content, in its entirety or partially, into other works and/or to create derivative works; and (iv) translation of your content into any language or in any format. These rights are granted worldwide, for the maximum term of intellectual property protection rights set by the applicable legislation and to any end, including, without limitation, for the purposes of information, communication, marketing and publicity.
You agree that you are not allowed to upload or publish content that is subject to the intellectual property rights of a third party, to trade secrecy or subject to any property right of a third party, unless you are the holder of these rights or you have permission from the holder of the legal rights, or content that is deemed illegal under applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation, any content which may (i) be defamatory or libelous, (ii) justify or pertain to crimes against humanity, (iii) incite hatred on grounds of ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or handicap or encourage child pornography, (iv) give rise to or promote acts of terrorism, or (v) encourage any type of violence, including violence against women.
Generally speaking, given the purpose of the website, you accept that you must always behave in an ethical manner as regards the content that you upload or post on the website.
5. Property rights
All rights, titles and interests related to the website, its content, characteristics, graphic design styleguide, database, data and more generally any information appearing on it, which includes, but is not limited to, all registered trademarks, copyrights, logos, trade names, illustrations, images and designs are the exclusive and outright property of the site’s publisher and/or its licensors.
6. User-generated content
The website includes content generated by users, including yourself (user-generated content - "UGC"). UGC can include, without limitation, reviews, testimonials, comments and any other information related to this content. The UGC does not reflect our opinions. The opinions and other statements made by users are theirs alone. Only the users in question are liable in respect of their UGC. Neither the site’s publisher nor its affiliates guarantee that UGC is accurate, comprehensive or reliable. You assume full liability for your content and can be held liable for your content in all respects.
7. Liability
The site’s publisher shall do all that is reasonably possible to ensure that the website is accessible at all times, but cannot guarantee that the site will be available continuously or is free or errors. We reserve the right to modify or shut down access to the website (or a part thereof) at any time and periodically, temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. You accept that you cannot the hold the site’s publisher liable for any such modifications, suspensions or interruptions. Unless expressly agreed otherwise under the applicable General Terms of Sale, the website and the content thereof are made accessible "as is" and "as available". The site’s publisher does not guarantee or state that the website and the content thereof are free of flaws or errors, nor that they are accurate, up-to-date and reliable. The site’s publisher reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions and to carry out modifications to the website. Although the website’s publisher takes reasonable measures to prevent viruses and malware from gaining access to its systems, it does not guarantee that the website or any content downloaded from the website is free of any such malicious software. The website’s publisher cannot be held liable for any liquidated damages or prejudice caused by such software. Furthermore, the website’s publisher cannot be held liable in respect of any UGC. However, the website’s publisher shall do everything reasonably possible to quickly take down any UGC that breaches these Terms of Service once it is made aware of the situation, including via reports by website users, which can be lodged by calling +33 (0)298 337 600. You will be liable for any loss that the website’s publisher and/or any of its affiliates may sustain due to a breach of these Terms of Service on your part. You agree to indemnify the website’s publisher and release it and/or its affiliates from any liability in respect of any losses, expenditure, liquidated damages and costs incurred due to a breach of these Terms of Service or of applicable laws on your part.
The website’s publisher does not moderate UGC. However, the website’s publisher reserves the right to review account activity. If it becomes aware that you are using the website and/or the content thereof (in whole or in part) in an illegal, fraudulent, inacceptable, inappropriate or automated manner, or if you breach these Terms of Service, or if you engage in activity that is detrimental to ourselves or our users, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the website and/or to delete your account, without prior warning and without affecting your statutory rights.
8. Links to third-party websites/deals
The website can include hyperlinks that redirect the user to third-party websites or deals. These websites and deals are referred to only as a guide. We are not accountable (i) for the availability of these third-party websites or deals, nor (ii) for the accuracy or reliability of their content. Unless we expressly state otherwise, we do not endorse these third-party websites or deals, or the content thereof.
9. Confidentiality
When you access and use the website, we collect and process, to the extent permitted by law, the personal data that you provide to us (your name, date of birth, email address, booking details, etc.) or that are generated as a result of your accessing and using the website. For more details on how we collect and process your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy which is available here.
10. Separability and absence of waiver
The provisions of these Terms of Service are separable. If any of these provisions becomes invalid, illegal or inapplicable (in whole or in part), it shall be removed and deleted as necessary, and the remaining provisions shall continue to apply. The inability to exercise or apply any right or provision related to these Terms of Service, on your part or that of the site’s publisher, does not constitute a waiver of this right or provision.
11. Applicable law
These Terms of Service are governed by French law. Unless otherwise stated in a mandatory legal provision in force that may apply to you, any dispute relating to the validity, implementation and performance of these Terms of Service is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris (France), with all rights being reserved, however, to file a petition with any other competent court.

Last updated on 05/03/2020.