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COVID-19 | Travel info and safety in B&B Hotels in Italy

Reservations made for B&B Hotels in Italy


Following the DPCM that came into force on November 6, 2020, we are working to offer more flexible booking options and extend the terms of our cancellation policies, to give our customers greater peace of mind. 

  • If you have a direct booking or a booking made on before 6th November 2020 with a stay until 3rd December 2020, for proven reasons of force majeure, we offer the possibility of using a voucher valid for 12 months for a new booking , to be used in the same structure with any tariff adjustment based on the chosen date.


For more information on existing reservations at a B&B Hotels in Italy and if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.

Booking information for B&B Hotels in Europe

If you have made a reservation for a B&B Hotel in another European countries click here

Our dedicated security protocol 



We have created the dedicated Safety Label High-Quality Anti Covid-19 protocol, for the safety of our guests and all the staff operating in the chain's structures in Italy, thanks to the collaboration with BCO Consulting, a leading company in the field of safety in the workplace and Rentokil-Initial, the largest group in Italy in the sector of hygiene services.

The protocol is constantly monitored, in order to obtain the highest level of effectiveness in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, ensuring maximum comfort and full usability of B&B Hotels in Italy by everyone. 


• All our hotels are now equipped with certified personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves, as well as dispensers,

• Protective plexiglass at reception desks,

• Spacing lines on the floor,

• Invitation to use the lift one person at a time.


• The sanitization process is applied daily in the corridors, common areas and rooms thanks to the use of ionizing machines,

• Sanitation of surfaces in the hall, at the reception, on the furniture elements, in the toilets, in the elevators and relative push-button panels.


Breakfast can be consumed in the breakfast room respecting all safety regulations. Every morning a tray with fresh sweet or savory products will be delivered to you and, for everything else, you can head to the buffet without problems.

B&B Shop

Thanks to the products present at the B&B Shop you will have the opportunity to dine in total safety directly at the hotel! You will find a selection of ready meals and pizzas in four tasty variations, to which you can add the drink of your choice!


In all the B&B Hotels structures present on the Italian territory we have adopted, from the beginning, extraordinary measures to protect the health of our staff and all our guests. Respect these simple rules and help us to make your stay better!


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