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  • Barcelona Rubí

B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí

Ctra. Molins de Rei, 81 , 08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain
+34 936 977 600 +34 936 977 600

Hours and useful information B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí

Contact the reception desk

Phone: +34 936 977 600
+34 936 977 600
Service 0.05 €/min
+prix appel

Reception desk hours

Open 24 hours

Breakfast hours

From Monday to Friday: 7:00 - 10:30h
Weekend & public holidays: 8:00 - 11:30h

Cheap hotel in Rubí - B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí

Are you looking for an affordable stay for your next trip to Barcelona? Look no further! B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí is located in the industrial area of Can Alzamora between Rubí and the business area of Sant Cugat del Vallés.

In other words, everything you need is within reach, making B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí the perfect home base! Want to go a little further? No problem: It’s the best location from which to visit Vallés and Barcelona. It’s easy to get to the AP-7, and the Rubí railway station is just 10 minutes away on foot. The station offers 30-minute service to Barcelona and approximately 10-minute service to Sant Cugat. Barceloneta beach is just 30 minutes away.

B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí has 87 rooms with 32” LCD televisions, free Wi-Fi access, individual heating, air conditioning, safes, hairdryers and a private bathroom, providing comfort to each of our guests.

You can choose between our double, twin, family and quadruple rooms.

Hotel Services

In addition to our customer service, with reception available 24 hours per day, B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí offers free WiFi and complimentary coffee and tea in our 24-hour lobby, where you can relax and socialise, watch your favourite shows or take your time choosing the places you’d like to visit.  You can also taste our selection of pizzas, sandwiches and pasta dishes 24h.

If the purpose of your visit is both business and leisure, B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí offers you everything you need to fully enjoy your trip.


There is nothing better than a delicious B&B breakfast to start your day. Breakfast lovers will be delighted to know that the buffet is served everyday, from 7.30 to 10.30am Monday to Thursday and from 8.00 to 11.30am Saturday and Sunday. The breakfast includes a wide variety of hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), delicious fruit juices rich in vitamins, fresh and delicious sliced bread, cereals, cold meats, and freshly baked bread and pastries.


The hotel offers an outdoor car park with 6 spaces for parking and 15 spaces for indoor parking, all completely free of charge during the entirety of your stay, so you can conveniently park your vehicle.

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Utilities and services B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí

  • Open reception 24h
  • Free High Speed WiFi
  • Free coffee and tea 24h
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Air conditioning
  • Free inside parking
  • Lift
  • Vending machine
  • Late check out
  • Luggage room
  • Bar
  • Meeting room
  • Terrace
  • Cafeteria
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1 room, rooms, 1 guest guests guests

Children: Travelling with children? We have special prices for children under 12. Check out next steps!

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Hotel access

It’s easy to get from B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí to the AP7 and the Rubí railway station, which is just a 10-minute walk away. The station offers 30-minute service to Barcelona and 10-minute service to San Cugat. The Hotel also provides free parking for your convenience. Without a doubt, the B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí is the perfect solution for all travellers looking for an affordable hotel option in Rubí.


From the airport by car

  • Take C-31 from Av. del Aeropuerto. 3 mins (2,0 km)
  • Continue on C-31. Take A-2, E-90 / B-23 and E-15 / AP-7 to Calle de Josep Trueta
  • Take exit 24 from E-15/AP-7. 18 mins (26,8 km)
  • Continue on Calle de Josep Trueta to B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí, Ctra. Molins de Rei 81 3 min (1,1 km)

From Barcelona-Sants Station by car

  • Take Calle de Entença and Via Augusta towards Túneles de Vallvidrera / C-16. 16 mins (4,7 km)
  • Continue on C-16 to Calle de Josep Trueta.
  • Take Exit 13B from C-16. 11 mins (14.3 km)
  • Take Av. Electricidad (700 metres) to B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí, Ctra. Molins de Rei 81

From Barcelona-Sants Station by train

  • Take the R4 Vilafranca Del Penedès train 28 min (7 stops) to Renfe Castellbisbal Station. Take the R8 Granollers-Centre train 9 min (direct) to Rubí
  • Then walk approximately 8 min on foot (650 m) to B&B Hotel Rubí 81, Ctra. Molins de Rei

From Barcelona-Sants Station by public transport

  • Take Line L5 from Metro Cornellà Centre to Sants Station and follow the aforementioned directions
  • You can also take Metro Line L5 to Diagonal.
  • Take the S1 Terrasa train to Hospital General. Walk 20 minutes. Cross AP-7 and continue down Av. Electricidad to Carrer de. Continue to CTRS. Molins de Rei

From the centre of Barcelona by car

  • Take Calle Aribau and Via Augusta to Túneles de Vallvidrera / C-16. Take B-20 from Calle de Padilla y Av. del Estatuto de Cataluña. Continue on B-20.
  • Take E-9 / C-16 to Calle de Josep Trueta.
  • Take exit 13B from E-9 / C-16. Take Av. Electricidad to B&B Hotel Barcelona Rubí.