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Responsible and sustainable company - CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way of managing companies based on managing the impacts that their activity generates on their customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and society in general. Discover all the initiatives we have in B&B Hotels Spain!




In pursuit of the objectives listed above, in 2018, B&B Hotels obtained the Great Place to Work certification in its first application, being recognized as the fourth best company to work for in Spain. The Great Place to Work certification shows the commitment and involvement of B&B HOTELS in terms of Human Resources, as well as the great value given to the entire team that forms part of the hotel chain.

Through this certification, we join the cultural transformation of the companies. Our objectives are: 

  • To improve the performance of our employees.  
  • To improve the working environment so that the team feels happy.  
  • To contribute to the fact that more companies are joining this initiative. 

We take total care of and give great value to all the human team that is part of our hotel chain. We want them not to perceive coming to work as a burden, but as a special, fun and happy moment. 

Now you feel like working, right?






Happy companies? Yes! It is a reality and B&B Hotels is part of this group of happy companies that belong to ComunidadF. The purpose of this community is to make more people happy in their workplace, thus promoting not only the happiness of our employees but also their well-being at work. 

Did you know that a happy employee has all these benefits?

+ 37% sales

+ 31% productivity

+ 19% efficiency

+ 86% creativity

- 55% staff turnover

- 52% rotation costs

- Disease reduction

As members of ComunidadF, at B&B Hotels, we have been participating in activities with Aeía for several years in order to be a happy company. We are committed to the happiness and well-being of our work teams.

And you? What are you doing to be happy?






At B&B Hotels we don't settle. Our employees are characterized by their "hunger" to grow professionally, to excel every day and to constantly achieve new challenges. For this reason and because we always want to improve, we work with the "Rockefeller" method.

We have conducted several "Scaling Up - Rockefeller Habits" workshops with our employees. The objective of these workshops is to modify and improve work habits through a series of initiatives such as discipline, which helps employees to be more efficient and to have a routine. These workshops allow us to achieve greater productivity from all members of our team.

This workshop is so efficient that it has made it possible for more than 20,000 CEOs and their management teams to grow above their markets and competitors.

Specifically, in this workshop you learn to:

ALIGN: Obtain faster results with less effort through a culture of transparency and monitoring

ACCELERATE: Develop a COMPETITIVE STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE to position your company as a market leader 

ADVANCE: Greater PRODUCTIVITY from all members of your team

We know that big companies are not born overnight. We are of the philosophy that to succeed you must have a strategic plan and "Rockefeller Habits" helps us to go beyond the threshold of survival towards the big leagues of business development. 






Our employees are our greatest asset. That is why at B&B Hotels we apply a satisfaction survey to our employees to find out how they feel working with us. 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS), measures how likely it is that your employees recommend you to other friends, acquaintances or family members to work with you, which is directly related to the satisfaction and loyalty of the team. This way, we can identify if what we are doing internally as a company is being well perceived, or if on the contrary, it is necessary to correct and improve some of the actions we do. 

At B&B Hotels it is extremely important for us to know the opinions of those who know us from the inside. We strive to have not only our customers but also our employees satisfied. 

We want everyone who is part of B&B Hotels to feel comfortable with us! In fact, the rating we have from our employees is 66, which is considered an excellent result. The NPS ratings can range from -100 to 100. If the result is between 0 and 50, the level of loyalty is considered to be good. If the result is above + 50 it is considered to be excellent, and means that the employees are very proud of the company they work for. 






Do you know what are some of the actions we do at B&B Hotels focused on our employees? We tell you!

  • We have agreements with local universities and business schools to offer internship programs to students. We believe that everyone needs a first opportunity in the working world.
  • We select the best talent not only by focusing on academic training, but also on people's values. 
  • We promote diversity, specifically gender diversity, as well as cultural and national diversity with equal conditions and rights for all.
  • We encourage internal communication by sending a monthly newsletter to all our employees. We tell them about the achievements of each department, new actions that are being implemented and that are going to be carried out, new job positions of our colleagues, useful information with a press section containing all the news about the company, etc. 

At B&B Hotels we form the best team! 






Did you know that La Fageda has a special employment centre? At B&B Hotels, we work with suppliers who are sensitive to the integration of people with disabilities into the working world. For this reason, La Fageda is one of our main dairy suppliers. 

Through their special employment centre, they generate various work activities: they have a cow farm, gardening, jam makers, etc. Within all the work they do, they have a dairy factory, in which people with some kind of mental disability and/or severe mental disorders work. La Fageda offers them the opportunity to develop productive work according to their abilities. Their objective? To integrate them into the labor market and society in order to improve their quality of life. In La Fageda they conceive work as a key element in the process of people's rehabilitation. Therefore, they consider that work must meet three conditions: it must be real, useful to society and fairly paid.

By acquiring La Fageda products, we are contributing to the development of meaningful jobs that generate a positive impact on their quality of life. 

At B&B Hotels, we say yes to labor and social integration!






At B&B Hotels, we have a commitment to society. We believe that together we can contribute to a more united and more humane world.

We support and encourage the personal and professional development of people with physical and mental disabilities by contracting our laundry service with special employment centres, such as Lyma and Hermanas Hospitalarias. Both suppliers have the objective of helping the employee to follow a personal, social and labor itinerary, to be more autonomous, and to integrate socially and professionally in the labor market. 

As significant data to highlight from each one of them; people with disabilities working at Lyma represent 90% of their total workforce, always maintaining a total commitment with the quality and satisfaction of their clients, and in the Fundación Purísima Concepción de las Hermanas Hospitalarias, thanks to the work that has been carried out in this center, the labor integration of 10 users has been promoted. Six are currently working in the Foundation, two of them work in external companies and the other two are now employed with support at two hotels. 

For a united society! Let's support each other.






We want to empathize with all our customers and reach out to all those who need help. We know how difficult it is to travel for hospitalization purposes. For this reason, we offer special rates at our B&B Hotels that are located near the hospitals. This benefit can be used by the patient and/or family members. 

Find out which hotels offer these special rates:

  • B&B Hotel Valencia Ciudad de la Ciencia has a collaboration agreement with Hospital La Fe. It is only necessary to present a certificate, which must be signed and sealed by the hospital's admission department.
  • B&B Hotel Girona collaborates with Fundación Oncológica de Girona, as well as with Hospital Santa Caterina and Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta. In this case, you can get the special accommodation rate, or if you prefer it, we also offer the option of using the room for a couple of hours, for a very low price. This way the patient's relatives can take a break, shower and/or rest for a moment. 

At B&B Hotels, we also support you in difficult moments. We are with you!






Have you ever forgotten anything in our rooms?  Don't worry, we haven't thrown it away! As usual protocol in our hotels, we always contact our clients to help them recover what they have forgotten. But if we can't find them, we send their forgotten belongings to Cáritas so they can give them to those who need them the most. 

At B&B Hotel Granada, we collaborate with Cáritas by donating the forgotten clothes and objects. This organization welcomes people in vulnerable situations and social exclusion to provide them support by covering their basic needs, as well as providing them with an accompaniment process oriented towards autonomy, responsibility and participation. With these donations, at B&B Hotels, we contribute to cover this basic need. As you can see, we give new life to your clothes and to those who need it most! 

And it doesn’t end there… not only do we collaborate with Cáritas, but also with other organizations to which each time we acquire a new hotel we donate all our furniture, blankets, mattresses, etc. 

Small actions lead to big changes!







At B&B Hotels, we care about people's well-being. We believe in our society and believe that there is still a human and selfless side to all of us. 

Hoping to inspire more people and more organizations, at B&B Hotels we collaborate with ONG Remar, which offers assistance to marginalized groups, such as abandoned children, single mothers, abused women, drug addicts, homeless people, among many others. REMAR channels human and economic resources to feed, clothe, educate and give them the love and attention they deserve. They give them hope for a better future by financing activities dedicated to their rehabilitation and care. 

To support this cause, we provide them a temporary roof by offering them courtesy accommodation for a few nights at our hotels.

Let's not forget our human side! 






Because in B&B Hotels we believe in a better world, we have launched a unique initiative in our hotels, becoming the first hotel chain that eliminates plastic from all their rooms. Thanks to this action we are able to save 24,000 kg of plastic every year. Join us!

We are the first hotel chain in Spain and Portugal to eliminate 100% of disposable plastics in our rooms. It's possible that when you get to your room you'll find something new...

We are changing for a more sustainable stay!

Our water in the rooms is packaged in cardboard*. It is made with 70% renewable material and with a vegetal stopper.

Our glasses are now made of paper, thus benefiting the cardboard recycling rate of 77% compared to 35% for plastic.

Our litter bins will not have plastic bags, thus avoiding throwing more than 8,000kg of plastic into the rubbish that takes 10-20 years to decompose each year.

We now use soap dispensers and eliminate the use of amenities due to their high environmental impact.

Do you want to join us?






Did you know that every year more than 8 million tons of plastic bottles and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the sea? Greenpeace claims that the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean each year is equivalent to 1,200 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower, while, focusing on Spain, it claims that we only recycle 30% of the plastic produced. For this reason, at B&B hotels, we have taken the initiative to replace all water bottles with cardboard bottles. They are made from 70% renewable material and have a vegetal stopper.  

We offer these cardboard bottles to our clients in some of our hotels. You will find them in your rooms, which will allow you to enjoy the water in a way not only comfortable and practical, but even more eco-friendly and healthy. 

Using recycled materials and creating recyclable tetrabriks, we contribute to the philosophy of recycling. In addition, plastic bottles can release toxins when exposed to light, and these can be harmful to our health, so this change is also beneficial to us as individuals.

What do you think of our initiative?







As you know one of our main concerns at B&B Hotels is the environment. If you are going to stay more than one night with us, we give you the option of refusing to clean your room to contribute to the environment, in return you will get a free breakfast or 4€. A choice you will be able to make while you check in!

The possibility of dispensing with the daily cleaning of the rooms is the right way to move towards sustainable tourism. Thanks to this action we are succeeding in reducing the consumption of water and electricity and reducing the emission of cleaning products. So, if you want to opt for a less regular service, either because you prefer not to be disturbed or because you care about the environment, just tell us at reception.

We only have one world, take care of it!








Did you know that if in a million homes four conventional light bulbs were exchanged for LED light bulbs, would 900,000 tonnes of CO2 be emitted less annually? At B&B Hotels we are very aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. Therefore, in our hotels we have eliminated all conventional light bulbs for LED light bulbs. 

It is a very simple change with great impact. In our hotels we have more than 3,000 rooms and in each of them we have an average of 8 light bulbs. Result? We are managing to emit 5,400 tonnes of CO2 a year less. 

It is true that the price is higher, although the amortization is fast: they consume 80% less and if a conventional light bulb has a useful life of 1,000 hours, or a year on average, the LED light bulbs last 15 times longer.  

A more difficult change to carry out, as it implies a change in habits, but which we recommend one hundred percent, consists of using artificial lighting as a scarce luxury:

  • Take advantage of daylight (and think of work, leisure or rest spaces accordingly).
  • Turn off the lights when leaving the rooms.
  • Use nearby lights to read or study and eliminate the use of indirect lights.

Cheer up and do your bit to make this world a better place!






Urban transport is responsible for 30% of all CO2 emissions. Another of the initiatives we have implemented at B&B Hotels are chargers for electric cars.  Our customers will be able to recharge their vehicles free of charge. You will find two charger units in each of our car parks; one exclusive for Tesla customers, and another for all electric vehicles with a Type 2 connector.

We are convinced that the world must be more sustainable. At B&B Hotels we are committed to the environment, as well as to innovation and technology. In addition, our guests are everything to us and we think about the benefits it can bring them.  We are very proud to be one of the hotel chains in Spain that offers this type of service to its clients.

In short, our goal with the implementation of these initiatives is to fight for a better world and make the guest feel at home, have a unique stay and take the best memory of their stay in our hotels.

We are waiting for you with your electric car!







We reinforce our commitment to sustainability by installing solar panels in our hotels! At the moment, we have them at B&B Hotel Albacete, B&B Hotel Donosti, B&B Hotel Granada, B&B Hotel Granollers, B&B Hotel Valencia Airport, B&B Hotel Viladecans, B&B Hotel Braga...and we keep adding more!  Did you know that in 2016, a solar panel was installed every 84 seconds in the world? This is a technique that is becoming more and more widespread and you can also be part of this initiative by installing them at your house. You can save more than 700 euros a year on your electricity bill and the installation will pay for itself in eight or nine years, depending on the area of the peninsula and the number of hours of sunshine. 

In some of our hotels we also use heat recuperators. We have implemented this system at B&B Hotel Alicante, B&B Hotel Elche, BB Hotel Fuencarral 52, BB Hotel Las Rozas and at B&B Hotel Puerta del Sol. It allows us to use the residual heat from the cooling of the hotel to heat the sanitary water. In addition, heat recuperators allow us to renew the air in the building in an efficient way. 

Our goal with the implementation of these initiatives is to produce clean and environmentally friendly energy from sunlight and air. It is the sum of each action that in the end makes the difference and at B&B Hotels we are not left behind. 

Let's fight global warming!





Did you know that to produce an average of 12,000 sheets of paper is needed, the cellulose of a single tree on average and according to research, it takes 15 trees to make a ton of paper? In order to preserve our forests, at B&B Hotels we are Paperless, meaning that in our offices we do not use paper and if we use, we will make the minimum use. Here are some of the actions we have taken:

  • Our offices do not have a printer.
  • Our invoices are digital and are only printed if the client requests it.
  • The "Welcome" with which we welcome our customers is sent digitally.
  • We have eliminated the consignment or shift change book used by our receptionists for a digital document.

In addition, the benefits of eliminating paper are innumerable:

  • Less need for physical storage space;
  • Less production of garbage (environmental awareness);
  • Digital documents can be consulted faster;
  • Collaboration is easier on documents;
  • Less time is wasted searching for documents;

You too can help improve our world!






More and more individuals, companies, associations, institutions, organizations of different types, cities and towns are betting on the conservation of the biodiversity of our Planet, but we still have a lot to do. Since 2019, at B&B Hotels we have joined the "Earth Hour" initiative every year.  Every year, on the night of 30 March, between 20:30h and 21:30h, we symbolically turn off the lights in all our receptions, common rooms and outdoor areas. 

Earth Hour was first celebrated on 31 March 2007 in Sydney, Australia. It is estimated that from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. between 2.1 % and 10.2 % was saved. About 2.2 million people participated. The U.S. city of San Francisco was inspired by this idea and led people to participate and observe the beauty of the night sky, without the interference of Lights Out' light.

Moved by the accomplishments, Earth Hour organizers did the same in 2008, between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. 34 countries and 400 cities from around the world participated. Since then, every year the results are better.

Don't hesitate and join the next one!