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Summer Holidays


Already thinking about your summer holidays? 

For you, who have been waiting for this moment all year long...

At B&me we help you choose your destination, so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your holidays, sunbathing, swimming at the beach, booking that restaurant you want to eat at or other plans that are already on your mind...

ValenciaAlicante ,Cartagena , Málaga Figueira da Foz , Olhao (Algarve), Lisboa Montijo 

Valencia: We suggest Valencia as one of the key destinations to enjoy your days off in summer.

And don't think that there will only be beach plans, you can also enjoy the July fair, go to the water parks, discover the natural pools of Gorgo de la Escalera and of course enjoy the gastronomy and the pleasant terraces of the city, a must!

As the main protagonist of the summer, let's not fool ourselves ;) Here are some of the best beaches very close to the centre of Valencia, such as Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and Malvarrosa: Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and Patacona. Very complete and surrounded by services, golden sand and crystal clear waters.

However, if you prefer more natural beaches, don't miss the beaches of El Saler, La Garrofera, La Devesa, Recati or Pinedo, each and every one of them surrounded by the beautiful Albufera Natural Park. 

And remember that if you decide to travel in July you can't miss its great fair, with more than 150 years of tradition, among many other outdoor activities, it hosts concerts by renowned national and international artists for more than 15 days. 

All this and much more can be found in this wonderful city that never disappoints. 


Alicante: The Costa Blanca hides authentic treasures... beaches to enjoy with your family, your partner, friends, or why not? on your own... from small and hidden coves that are difficult to access to more urbanised beaches.

We recommend some of them:

Levante Beach located in Benidorm, about 2 kilometres long, with easy access and a wonderful atmosphere.

Cala Ambolo, only 100 metres long, near the cape of La Nao in Jávea.  

Cala Finestrat, Playa de la Tabarca, Playa de la Caleta... you won't be able to choose just one of them...


Cartagena: Do you know what you can do in this wonderful city? Sun and beach, kayaking in caves, hiking routes, spend the day with the family in different water parks, discover marine treasures, enjoy its beaches ...

The beaches of Cartagena are very diverse and you can go from isolated coves such as Cala Cortina, to wide beaches along the entire coastline of La Manga del Mar Menor: Barco perdido beach, Cala del pino or Playa de la Gola.

Fancy visiting Cartagena? So do we.


Malaga: Are you planning to go to the Feria de Agosto in Malaga? Or are you still dreaming of spending St. John's Eve on one of Malaga's spectacular beaches... or why not go to the Terral Summer Festival, one of the most eagerly awaited events by the locals...?

If this holiday you choose to visit Malaga, it will be a sure hit, as it is a coastal city that you can visit at any time of the year, always with good weather and a pleasant atmosphere that will surprise you, but if what you want is to know the city in summer, you can do not only beach tourism but combine it with its fairs, markets, summer concerts and hundreds of other plans.


Figueira da Foz: Located at the same altitude as Coimbra, this municipality receives its name from a popular spa located there since the 19th century.

Also known as "Rainha das Praias" or "The Queen of the Beaches", it gives us an idea of why it is so attractive for travelling in summer, with wide beaches that make them almost endless...

But not everything is beaches in Figueira Da Foz, you can also enjoy a wonderful walk and visit the Clock Tower, the Fort of Santa Catarina, the Old Town and the casino, the municipal market, the Casa Do Paço, the Street Art or the magnificent Figueira Salt Pans. 

Still don't have your hotel in Figueira da Foz? Don't wait any longer, unbeatable prices so that you can enjoy quality tourism this summer.


Olhão (Algarve): this magnificent city is known for having one of the largest fishing ports in the Algarve, as well as being blessed with some of the best beaches in Europe.

Discover the Municipal Market of Olhão always full of fresh and varied seafood, or its famous Seafood Festival for almost a week along the Ria Formosa, the Jardim dos Pescadores, the Ria Formosa, its beaches are calm and have crystal clear waters such as the Armona, the Fuseta or the Praia dos Cavacos? 

Living Portugal this summer has never been so easy, being B&me is to feel on holiday but without losing the comforts of being at home 🙂


Lisbon Montijo: the beautiful city of Montijo is located only a few minutes away from Lisbon, which is all the more reason to travel and visit several cities.  Enjoy a beautiful sunset ferry ride on the Tagus River to Terreiro do Paço, one of the things you must do if you travel to Montijo. 

Visit the Vasco de Gama Bridge, one of the longest in Europe, the Igreja Matriz de Montijo, the Museu Municipal, the Moinho de Maré, the Praia Fluvial Samouco, the Parque das Naçoes or its Oceanarium in Lisbon.

Discover all this and much more in this wonderful city. 

Relax, disconnect, enjoy... repeat... with B&me it is now much easier. Feel like the king in your holidays. Now being B&me is saying YES to your holidays but without losing the comfort of being at home 🙂.