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B&B HOTELS : your hotel with seminar room

Your seminar at B&B HOTELS

Are you looking for accommodation for your employees as well as a seminar room ?

Some of our hotels are equipped with rooms designed for:  

  • your business meetings,
  • seminars,
  • conferences,
  • training courses,
  • team-building activities...

These private workspaces are equipped with video projectors and flipcharts as well as free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi. Our meeting rooms are available for hire by the day or half-day.

Our hoteliers offer snacks (coffee, hot drinks, pastries, etc.) for your breaks, to be arranged according to your needs.

Would you like to know more about the services of our hotels with meeting rooms? Get acquainted with our hotels with seminar rooms:

B&B HOTEL Agen Castelculier

B&B HOTEL Aix-en-Provence Venelles

B&B HOTEL Amiens Centre Cathédrale 

B&B HOTEL Antibes Sophia Le Relais

B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Le Haillan

B&B HOTEL Béthune Bruay-la-Buissière

B&B HOTEL Brest Port du Moulin Blanc

B&B HOTEL Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 3 étoiles

B&B HOTEL Cambrai

B&B HOTEL Cergy Port

B&B HOTEL Chartres Centre Cathédrale

B&B HOTEL Chaumont

B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Centre

B&B HOTEL Fort-de-France

B&B HOTEL Landerneau Bois Noir

B&B HOTEL Le Puy en Velay

B&B HOTEL Lyon Centre Monplaisir

B&B HOTEL Les Herbiers

B&B HOTEL Lyon Eurexpo Bron

B&B HOTEL Lyon Nord

B&B HOTEL Marseille La Valentine Porte d'Aubagne

B&B HOTEL Marseille Prado Parc des expositions

B&B HOTEL Marseille Prado Vélodrome

B&B HOTEL Montpellier Vendargues

B&B HOTEL Paris 17 Batignolles

B&B HOTEL Paris Nord 2 CDG Aéroport

B&B HOTEL Reims Bezannes

B&B HOTEL Rouen Centre Rive Droite

B&B HOTEL Saint-Martin-de-Crau Alpilles Camargue

B&B HOTEL Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Centre Gare

B&B HOTEL Saint-Nazaire Pornichet

B&B HOTEL Troyes Magasins d'Usine

B&B HOTEL Valenciennes Sud