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Discover Exclusive Senior Hotel Deals at B&B HOTELS Poland - And Save up to 15%!

Discover Exclusive Senior Hotel Deal at B&B HOTELS Poland - And Save up to 15%!


B&B HOTELS Poland is delighted to offer our special deal of a 15% discount to our senior Guests.

Whether you are planning a leisurely escape, an exciting adventure, or a peaceful retreat, we are dedicated to enhancing your experience.

At B&B HOTELS Poland, we acknowledge the importance of providing our Senior Guests with the utmost comfort, convenience, and affordability.  That is why we are thrilled to offer this exclusive discount, allowing you to experience exceptional hospitality without straining your budget.


With our prime locations throughout Poland, you have a wide range of destinations to choose from that cater to your preferences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cities of Warsaw, Krakow, or Wroclaw, each boasting its own unique charm and rich history. Alternatively, unwind in picturesque towns nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, such as Nowy Targ or Tomaszow Lubelski. Regardless of your choice, B&B HOTELS Poland guarantees a comfortable and memorable stay.


Our modern and well-equipped rooms, complete with comfortable beds and amenities, have been meticulously designed to provide you with utmost relaxation.

And do not forget about your amazing and delicious breakfast.


Our friendly and professional staff is always at your disposal to cater to any special requests or requirements you may have. Whether it be assistance with luggage, recommendations for local attractions, or any other matter, we are here to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to experience the comfort and hospitality of B&B HOTELS Poland at an exclusive Senior discount. Book your stay today and allow us to take care of your needs.

To avail the Senior discount, enter the promo code "SENIOR" during the reservation process on our website. The discount will be  applied to your booking, granting you significant savings on your stay or simply call us to book your room.


We can not wait to welcome you and ensure you have a memorable stay with us!


Select the standard rate on

In the "Promo Code" field in the 4th step of booking "Payment", click on "enter promo code" and enter the discount code SENIOR to receive a 15% discount on YOUR stay.

The discount will be deducted from the room rate.

Don't miss our special offer - book your next stay now!