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New openings B&B Hotels Spain

We are proud to continue with our expansion project and new openings. Currently, we have more than 35 hotels in Spain, and all of them with an excellent value for money, which makes millions of guests choose us on a recurring basis as their preferred option.

At B&B Hotels we offer you a wide range of hotels located in strategic places, near the main places of interest, public transport stops, train stations or airports, making them the perfect starting point for both leisure and business trips. 

Our goal is to continue to grow rapidly, with development, construction, refurbishment and existing hotel projects. B&B HOTELS is the leading and fastest growing independent Budget & Economy hotel chain in Europe. We have over 500 hotels open to the public and some 60 new ones under development. The group has a unique positioning, with a clear focus on the Budget & Economy segment. We aim to expand our network to over 600 hotels by 2020, to reach around 60.000 rooms.

We offer a combination of comfort, design and high quality services at an attractive price. We offer bed and breakfast, with meal options in the surrounding area and the possibility of ordering meals with delivery to the hotel, as well as selected services without compromising on quality, at an optimised price, thus providing a high value for money.