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New openings B&B Hotels Spain

B&B Hotel Málaga Centro


B&B Hotel Barcelona Sant Cugat


B&B Hotel Murcia


B&B Hotel Barcelona Mataró


We are proud to continue with our expansion project and continue adding new openings. Currently, we have more than 35 hotels in Spain, and all of them are excellent value for money, which is why millions of guests repeatedly choose us as their preferred choice.

At B&B Hotels we offer you a wide variety of hotels located in strategic locations, close to the main places of interest, public transport stops, train stations or airports, which makes them the perfect starting point to enjoy both a leisure as for business trips. 

Our goal is to continue growing rapidly with many development, construction, rehabilitation and existing hotel projects. B&B HOTELS is the leading and fastest growing independent Budget & Economy hotel chain in Europe. We have more than 500 hotels open to the public and some 60 new ones under development. We have a unique positioning, with a clear focus on the Budget & Economy segment. 

We offer a combination of comfort and design at a very attractive price. We are a chain whose philosophy is "Back to basics" In other words, we have very functional hotels where we provide essential services, but always with the best quality so that you have a unique stay. Our rooms are characterised by their 5-star beds which ensure you will have an unbeatable rest, showers with excellent pressure to help you relax after a long day, impeccable cleaning to make your stay more pleasant, Wi-Fi certified by Bureau Veritas to ensure you never have connection problems, free coffee 24 hours a day to give you extra energy and many other benefits that you will discover when you stay with us. Our services will ensure you enjoy your stay wherever you are.