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Book your hotel with parking with B&B HOTELS

Are you looking for a hotel with parking? Our entire hotel network across France offers parking solutions to suit your needs, whether you’re travelling on business or enjoying a weekend getaway or a holiday!

Check out our hotels with parking in Paris

Whether you’re on a business trip or just visiting Paris, enjoy peace of mind during your stay by booking a room at one of our hotels with secure and private parking, for free or at a cost.

Our hotels with parking in Orly

Guests travelling to the airport or stopping over will love staying in one of our 3 hotels with parking, close to Orly Airport.

Enjoy hassle-free parking during your stay at our hotel. Or why not choose a hotel at Orly Airport with parking and a shuttle bus service? It’s so easy to reach the terminal!

For guests who want to leave their car during their trip, we offer long-stay parking at our hotel in Orly.

A hotel with parking in Roissy

Are you looking for a hotel near Charles de Gaulle Airport? Enjoy a good night’s sleep in a well-appointed hotel at an excellent price near Charles de Gaulle Airport. Looking for accommodation for your weekends, holidays and overnight stays?

Stay at our hotel with parking in Roissy Charles de Gaulle by booking your stay on our official website. You can also contact us to find out about long-stay parking options for your car, even once you’ve checked out of the hotel.

Our hotels with parking across France

You’ll find our hotels all across France, including its biggest cities: enjoy all the services B&B HOTELS has to offer during your trips and holidays. Take advantage of our hotels with parking to make the most of hassle-free parking during your stay.