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Discover the B&B HOTELS Belgium universe

Whether you’re traveling solo or with others, on a business trip or family on the way to vacation, at B&B HOTELS Belgium, we always have a room for you. 

For optimal comfort, let yourself be tempted by a large, cozy bed (whose mattress is changed regularly) accompanied by its duvet and soft pillows (the result of collaborations with leading bedding brands). A room with a clean and neat design, all soundproofed and air-conditioned.

For digital nomads or professionals looking for an alternative solution for peaceful distance work, our hotel in Brussels offers rooms transformed into a “home office”. Don’t hesitate to inquire with our establishment for terms and conditions. 

Finish the evening in peace in front of a movie on your flat-screen TV equipped with a Chromecast device.

Want to sing in the shower? Go for it! Especially since the one in your room is equipped with an extra-large shower head. Enough to allow you to put a show as much as you like! 


Did a four-legged companion slip into your luggage? Don't hide him! He’s welcome in all of our hotels for an extra charge of 6 € per night. 

Start the day off on the right foot...

Difficult to resist the call of breakfast sirens, consisting of pastries and rolls, embellished with butter, jam, Nutella, or cheese slices or cheese...Yogurt, juice and a hot drink of tea, coffee or chocolate complete the meal. All starting at 11.50 €.

In view of new sanitary measures put in place to combat the Covid-19 virus, breakfasts are offered to take away or to eat in your room. 

A mini-price for little pipsqueaks: your children, up to 11 years old included, can eat like the adults! For only 4.50 €, they have access to the same items!


...After a peaceful night

The B&B HOTELS experience in Belgium is our way to offer you maximum well-being at the best price. 
Is it too good to be true? Just try it and see for yourself!

And what’s our recipe to be sure to offer you the best possible experience in our hotels? We offer you, at specially discounted prices, rooms that feature a warm and welcoming design, with private bathrooms and common areas to relax in at any time. Relaxation and friendly hospitality in total simplicity are on the menu. 

We know it can be difficult to find an affordable hotel room, which is why we are proud to offer you quality room bookings at a lower price.
Enjoy a spacious family hotel room that can accommodate at least 3 people, and with a private bathroom. All the comforts of a hotel with room rates that beat the competition! 
We’d like to say it again, yes, but only because we’re sure that, wherever you go, there is undoubtedly a B&B HOTELS property there to welcome you! 
Need more information? Some little tips and advice...we know all about that. Our managers are always ready to advise you on quality spots around town, a place to park, an accessible gas station, and all those things that make life easier when you’re on the move.
Look no further! This is also the spirit of B&B Hotels! 
If you want to search for information on your own, a touch terminal is always available at the entrance. You’ll soon be in the know about all the must-see spots!
Book your hotel room in advance, so you can plan your stay and your visits down to the last detail, and always at a low price. Would you like to book one of our hotels in Belgium? Nothing could be easier!