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Enjoying good moments at the Disneyland® Paris parks

Whether you are an adult or a child, there is something magical about the experience Walt Disney® Studios offer through their films and this is also true of the amusement parks. When you stay at the Disneyland® Park in Paris, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Among the most affordable and yet comfortable is the B&B Hotel Disneyland® Paris which offers convenient access to the park with a shuttle bus and an inclusive breakfast you can enjoy before heading out to discover what Disneyland® Paris is all about. What can you expect?

Planning a family weekend at Disneyland® Paris

A Stay at Disneyland® Park in Paris offers many attractions thanks to your tickets to the amusement park. For the the prices you will pay, the experience value is unbelievable. Go back to your childhood memories and enjoy great rides, such as Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, the Disneyland® Railroad and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril to name but three. It is worth starting early to get the most out of your time there which is why staying locally the night before is so beneficial. Obviously, a popular place like Disneyland® Paris attracts many people but there is a period at the start of each day you can take advantage and avoid the longest queues for the most in-demand rides. For those who do not like dramatic theme park rides, you can enjoy interactive experiences like the land Snow White, an attraction that is good especially for younger kids as the enter a completely different universe. And for an even more relaxed experience in nature, book a visit to Disney® Villages and appreciate animal and nature contact at BelleVie farm. Buying tickets to Disneyland® is not only for thrill-seekers but also for day-dreamers and nature lovers.

Entertainment and dining at the Paris Disneyland® Park

Your visit to the Disneyland® Park needs not be all about the rides, cartoons and fairy-tale characters. So your pass will also include admittance to cinema and live-action shows, a good tip if it is raining, for example. Visitors will often benefit from the many restaurants on the site which include cuisines from every country of the globe, all of that in fairy atmospheres. Sure, you can find fast-food outlets but there are some amazing dining experiences to enjoy too. Located just to the south of the main park, at the Vallée Village shopping centre, you can have excellent meals from French cuisine restaurants and different countries. Apart from high-quality eateries, it also offers numerous retail therapy opportunities in a boutique setting. But, if you are tired after a day in attractions, you can enjoy a dinner at the restaurant of the B&B Hotel Disneyland® Paris.