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Amid the constant hustle and bustle of Lombardy’s cities, B&B Hotels are there to greet you in the morning as you prepare for a day filled with ideas and places to visit. The heart of Lombardy is Milan, with its famous and imposing gothic-style cathedral, symbolic of a city with a cosmopolitan spirit. The hectic night life and shopping in Milan will never cease to amaze, and you might even want to pop into the Victor Emanuel II Gallery which is right next door.

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But Lombardy is also history, culture and scenery. A tour of the region’s most beautiful cities is an absolute must. Bergamo, with its historical upper city, and the more industrious lower city, will make you want to ask every passer by whether they are from “de sùra o de sòta?” (local dialect for “upper or lower?”). Nearby is Brescia, with its intense cultural and business way of life. Then there are the lakes, i.e. Como, Garda and Maggiore - with their magnificent noble villas and breathtaking scenery. It’s also worth remembering that Milan and the Region of Lombardy in general, will be hosting Expo 2015: the great universal exposition dedicated totally to food and the life of our planet.

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