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  • Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte

B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte

B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte has several features: Events room, swimming pool, co-working space, rooftop and much more! Book now!
Francisco Otaviano, 38 - Copacabana , 22080-041 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
+55 (21) 3505-5555+55 (21) 3505-5555

Opening hours and contact for B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte

Hotel address

Francisco Otaviano, 38 - Copacabana , 22080-041 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reception desk hours

Open 24 hours

Breakfast hours

Today: 06:30 - 10:00
  • Monday: 06:30 - 10:00
  • Tuesday: 06:30 - 10:00
  • Wednesday: 06:30 - 10:00
  • Thursday: 06:30 - 10:00
  • Friday: 06:30 - 10:00
  • Saturday: 06:30 - 10:30
  • Sunday: 06:30 - 10:30

Arrival and departure hours

Arrival: 14:00
Departure: 12:00

Contact the reception desk

Phone: +55 (21) 3505-5555
+55 (21) 3505-5555
Service 0.05 €/min
+prix appel

Utilities and services B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte

  • Safeguard Seal - Bureau Veritas
  • Miglior prezzo
    A Smart TV
  • pictogramme espace de coworking B&B HOTELS
    Coworking space
  • pictogramme climatisation chauffage B&B HOTELS
    Swimming Pool
  • Terrazza
  • accès wifi gratuit
    Free Wi-Fi
  • pictogramme salle de réunion B&B HOTELS
    Meeting room
  • B&B Hotels Italia - Sanificazione quotidiana
    Daily sanitization in social areas
  • pictogramme masque B&B HOTELS
    Wearing the mask is mandatory
  • Vending machine
    Vending Machine
  • pictogramme animaux acceptés B&B HOTELS
    Pets welcome
  • Reception disponibile 24h
    Open reception 24h
  • Bar
    2 free waters per room
  • Breakfast
    Buffet breakfast
  • Aria condizionata
    Air conditioning
  • icona parcheggio IT
    Private parking nearby
  • pictogramme hotel non fumeur B&B HOTELS
    Non smoking hotel
  • pictogramme restaurant à proximité B&B HOTELS
    Restaurants nearby
  • Flexible cancellation conditions
  • Bagno privato in camera
    In-room bathroom
  • pictogramme hôtel 3 étoiles B&B HOTELS
    3 stars hotel
  • Ascensore
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B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte: close to Copacabana beach!

Since its inception, B&B hotels have served different audiences, both in age and in lifestyle. It is in our DNA to receive our guests with the highest quality, comfort, modernity and service. The B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte follows this strategy and brings everything you need!

Modernity and Quality

Rio's beauties and attractions are popular here and abroad and never disappear. From Corcovado to Globo biscuit with chimarrão on the beach, everyone has heard of it. Come to Rio, put your feet in the sand and have fun, walking along the shore to get that bronze or under the coconut tree to cool the 40 degree heat. Do you know what is waiting for you? Comfort and quality, and the fact that B&B welcomes you in the Marvelous City at the best price.

Discover Copacabana and come to the B&B Hotel!

Facilities and services

The B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte features: powerful wi-fi, event room, rooftop, pool, co-working environment, pet friendly, Smart TV with Youtube and Netflix (guest account login), comfortable beds, 2 free water per room, clean design, special location, optional and tasty breakfast, and much more.

Hygiene and safety protocols

The B&B hotel chain follows all recommended hygiene protocols. The B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte has a totem that provides alcohol gel at the reception. The hotel staff has undergone complete protection and hygiene training. The hotel provided signs of social detachment, standards of conduct and more. The B&B Hotel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte went through all the audit processes with Bureau Veritas and received the Safeguard seal, which certifies that the hotel follows all hygiene and protection protocols. The audit is repeated once every 2 months, to maintain the seal and guarantee the safety of the process.

If you choose B&B Hotels, your only concern will be to make the most of your rest! Welcome to B&B Hotels!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the check-in/check-out hours?

How to get to the hotel

B&B Hotels Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Forte is easily accessible, regardless of the way you choose to get around.

From Santos Dumont International Airport:

By car

  • Take General Justo Avenue Downtown via Alm. Silvio de Noronha Avenue, then Senador Salgado Filho Square and Trevo Edson Luís de Lima Souto Statue - 3 min (850 meters)
  • Then, take Infante Dom Henrique Avenue and
  • Continue on Joaquim Nabuco Street and drive to Francisco Otaviano Street (2 minutes, 350 meters)

By public transportation

  • Walk about 5 minutes (400 meters) to General Justo Avenue next to 13.
  • Take Bus 483 Siqueira Campos (21 minutes, 14 stops)
  • Then, go to BRS 1,3 - Raul Pompéia Street next to 131-149. Walk about 5 minutes (400 meters).


From RIOgaleão International Airport:

By car

  • Take Vinte de Janeiro Avenue and Galeão Road to Pres. João Goulart Expressway / Red Line to University City of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (5 minutes, 4.5 km)
  • Continue on Pres. João Goulart Expressway / Red Line. Take Antônio Rebouças Tunnel to Saint Hilaire Viaduct in Jardim Botânico (12 minutes, 14.8 km)
  • Continue on Saint Hilaire Viaduct. Take Epitácio Pessoa Avenue and Raul Pompéia Street to Francisco Otaviano Street in Copacabana (9 minutes, 4.8 km)

By public transportation

  • Walk to Transcarioca Corridor (about 1 minute, 300 meters)
  • Take the 1900D Charitas Bus (Niterói) (10 minutes, 4 stops)
  • At Galeão Road near 8118-8196, take Bus 696 Praia do Dendê (9 minutes, 6 stops)
  • At Brasil Avenue near 6689-6807, take Bus 393 Candelária (16 minutes, 17 stops)
  • BRS 4,5 - Presidente Vargas Avenue close to 1457, walk about 3 minutes to Onze Square
  • Take the Metro L1, L4 Jardim Oceânico (24 minutes, 14 stops)
  • At General Osório, walk for about 11 min (900 meters).