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  • Schwerin
  • 28/01/202329/01/2023
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Schwerin, 1 hotel

Discover Schwerin – the capital of culture

The City of the Seven Lakes, Florence of the North, Cathedral City: Today, the smallest state capital in Germany has many names. And all of them fit this city with its long and rich history, beautiful nature, imposing architecture and great art. With a population of about 95,000 people, Schwerin is not a large city, but still worth a visit. The diverse sights of Schwerin offer a great variety! B&B Hotel Schwerin is the ideal accommodation for your Schwerin getaway. Schwerin city centre is within easy reach – you’ll soon notice: There is a lot to discover here.

Schwerin: The City of the Seven Lakes

Almost 30 percent of Schwerin's urban area is made up of water. It is even said that you can reach the nearest body of water from any square in the city in about ten minutes on foot. It is no surprise that Schwerin is known as the City of the Seven Lakes. However, this only refers to the main lakes – Schwerin is in fact home to a total of 13 lakes.

Probably the most famous and also largest lake is the Schweriner See, which not only surrounds Schwerin Castle, but also gives the Schwerin inhabitants a sandy beach about 500 metres long. The smallest lake in Schwerin is the Pfaffenteich, which is also known as the ‘Inner Alster’ of Schwerin due to its proximity to the city centre. Today, Schwerin public transport even operates the so-called small Petermännchen ferry, which stops at four points of the Pfaffenteich and can be used with a local transport license. Tickets are available for children from 1 euro and for adults from 2 euros.

Sights in Schweinfurt Schwerin Castle

There’s a highlight for both young and old in the heart of the city: Schwerin Castle. Surrounded by the beautiful lake landscape of Schwerin, Schwerin Castle looks like it could be from the pages of a fairytale. The castle is not only the landmark of the city, but with the surrounding residential buildings a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage. 
The former seat of the Grand Dukes now houses the seat of the Landtag as well as the associated Schwerin Castle Museum. Here you can admire the impressive halls of the past as well as various art collections and then enjoy some coffee and cake in the castle café.
Discounts are available for pupils, students, trainees, disabled people and groups of 15 or more. Children under the age of 18 can visit the Schwerin Museum free of charge. 

Excursion in Schwerin: Schwerin Cathedral

One of the main highlights of the city is Schwerin Cathedral, which is located in the city centre. The masterpiece is not only worth a visit for a great view over the city, but also for its architecture as the only preserved brick Gothic building in Schwerin.

The largest church tower in Mecklenburg can also be visited and climbed by tourists. Those who take on the 220 steps will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over Schwerin's old town and the Schwerin lake landscape.

Schwerin – Shopping in the former residence city

In addition to its noteworthy buildings, Schwerin's city centre is characterised above all by charming streets and alleys. Let yourself be enchanted and stroll along Pushkinstraße and Münzstraße lanes to discover handicrafts and decorative items, or along Friedrichstraße, decorated with magnificent facades, where you can browse antique shops. The Mecklenburgstraße and the narrow streets of the Buschstraße are particularly recommended for a relaxing stroll. Here you will find the oldest half-timbered house in Schwerin as well as a large selection of clothing shops and boutiques as well as culinary delights.

Top tip: In September, the Old Town Festival takes place here. Live music, fairs, market drives, beer garden, food trucks and street theatre offer a colourful programme worth seeing.

Leisure activities in Schwerin

Schwerin also has a lot to offer for sports enthusiasts. The Schwerin lakes are ideal for cycling away from the main roads. Especially east of Lake Schwerin along the Warnow, you can explore the most original part of Mecklenburg.

You can also explore green corners and idyllic places on foot. For quiet hiking days, we recommend taking the boat from Schwerin Castle to Zippendorf and from there hiking along the lakeshore. The Schwerin climbing forest, which is located right next to the Schwerin Zoo, is a particular highlight for children. Nine courses and over 80 exciting climbing tasks ensure an eventful day and lots of new perspectives.

A holiday in Schwerin: Journey

Due to its proximity to major cities such as Hamburg and Berlin, Schwerin can be easily reached both by car and by train. The easiest way to get to Schwerin by car is via the A9 or the A20. You can also reach Schwerin comfortably and easily by train. Arrived at the main station, you are right in the middle of the city and can use the public transport Schwerin to get to your final destination.

Spend your time in the city at our B&B Hotel Schwerin and take advantage of free Wi-Fi, modern facilities and great value for money. We look forward to welcoming you!

These are the best Schwerin sights