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General terms and conditions - B&me loyalty program

PDF version

Updated on 17/04/2024


Identity of service provider


The purpose of these general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "general terms and conditions") is to regulate the rights and obligations of the members of the B&me programme (hereinafter referred to as the "members").
The loyalty programme service is managed and provided by:

N.I.F. B66209693
Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 38485; Folio 105; Section (8); Page M-684467

The following means are made available to Users where they can address their requests, questions and complaints:

E-mail address:

You can write directly or access through the following link, selecting "B&me" as the reason for contact:

In addition to B&B HOTELS, the following companies participate in the loyalty programme:

Calle Luis Pasteur, S/N, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.
NIF B84679935
Registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid: Volume 36216; Folio 209; Section 8; Sheet M404571; Ins.14

Calle Luis Pasteur, S/N, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.
NIF: B84680024
Registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid: Volume 36216; Folio 209; Section 8; Sheet M404571; Ins.14

Calle Luis Pasteur, S/N, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.

They are hereinafter collectively referred to as "B&B HOTELS".



General conditions of membership of the B&me Loyalty Programme.


1.- Registration in B&me

Becoming a member of the B&me loyalty programme is easy and affordable, anyone can join for free, with the only condition of being a private customer (natural person), over 18 years of age and resident in Spain and/or Portugal.

Each Member may only have a single B&me account associated with their personal data. The activation of any other account with fraudulent data implies the automatic blocking of said account and the cancellation of the B&me programme.

To take advantage of the services and benefits of the B&me programme, the customer must register by completing the form established for this purpose, in digital format (via the website or in the B&B HOTELS app). If the customer already has an account in the online shop, they will have to identify themselves and accept the present conditions of the B&me programme, otherwise, they will have to create an e-commerce account and proceed to accept the B&me conditions.

Registration in the B&me programme implies the express acceptance of these conditions (hereinafter the "General Conditions" and the privacy policy associated with them (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy") and grants you the status of member of the B&me programme (hereinafter the "Member").

The content of these General Conditions and Privacy Policy accepted, will be made available to the user, providing them in the email provided by the User. B&B HOTELS reserves the right to modify these General Conditions at any time. The updated General Conditions and Privacy Policy are those that appear at all times on the website.

2.- Purpose of the B&me Programme and benefits for Members.


B&B HOTELS has created the B&me programme in order for Members to benefit from exclusive offers, services and promotions (hereinafter referred to as "Advantages") linked to a loyalty programme (hereinafter referred to as the "Loyalty Programme"), the operation of which is described in these General Terms and Conditions.

The Loyalty Programme shall be available at all B&B HOTELS hotels.


3.- Loyalty Programme.

The Loyalty Programme allows Members to obtain benefits based on their relationship with B&B HOTELS. The accumulation of nights booked will allow Members to unlock additional benefits that will be communicated during the life of the loyalty programme.

Benefits may be of different types: transactional or monetary, experiential and relational and will be focused on services provided by B&B HOTELS. These advantages will be those that B&B HOTELS decides at all times and will be duly informed to Members, indicating the conditions of access and enjoyment of them.

Through the transactional advantages, customers may benefit from direct discounts applicable to bookings made exclusively on the website, and/or may obtain coupons or discount vouchers on services in B&B HOTELS hotels.

The offers communicated via e-mail, hotels and/or on the Internet and duly identified, shall be reserved exclusively for Members of the B&me programme and under the ordinary contracting conditions of an individual consumer. Some promotional operations may be limited to the maximum number of nights to be purchased by each Member of the loyalty programme and this will be specified in the offers.

Activation benefits cannot be combined with any other transactional benefits (with the exception of the free bottle of water, late check out, early check in and room upgrade).

4.- Conditions of Use.


4.1 Ownership of the B&me account.


The B&me Member account is personal and non-transferable, and can only be used by its holder, not extending it to their relatives or any other companion of the Member during their stays in B&B HOTELS hotels, who, in the event that they would like to be part of the loyalty program must create their own account through the means available for this purpose.

The Member's identification will be required for the redemption of any advantage of the B&me program if the Member makes any reservation without identification he/she will not be eligible for such advantages and the nights enjoyed in such reservations will not be counted for the unlocking of additional B&me advantages.


4.2 Redeeming benefits and discounts.


After activation of the B&me account and after confirmation of registration by email, the Member will be able to enjoy the benefits of the B&me account in our chain of hotels in Spain and Portugal.
B&B HOTELS reserves the right to request the ID card and/or passport of the B&me account holder to verify his/her identity.
The benefits offered to the Member will be decided on a case by case basis by B&B and may be, among others:

  • Free breakfast voucher: this voucher will be sent to the B&me Member by email to the email account, previously validated after check-in at any of the B&B HOTELS that are members of the B&me program. This voucher will be valid and its redemption can be made on a second reservation (exclusively online on the website and/or within 3 months after the first reservation made as a B&me Member. The use of the voucher is limited to a single breakfast for the exclusive use of the Member during his/her stay.
  • B&me rate for newly opened B&B HOTELS: this rate will be available within 3 months of the opening of a new B&B HOTELS hotel with prices limited to €50 per night (bookings exclusively for active B&me Members and limited to one room per booking).
  • Welcome gift: free bottle of water for the B&me customer on every booking made online through identified as a member. Limited to one bottle per booking and not per night.
  • Room Upgrade: B&me members in their online bookings through identified as a member, will have preferential access to a room upgrade within the same room category selected by the member, being always subject to the availability of the hotel booked upon the client's arrival at the hotel (check in).
  • Early check in: B&me members, when booking online through identified as a member, will have preferential access to early check in on arrival at the hotel, subject to availability at the hotel.
  • Late check out: B&me members in their online bookings through identified as a member, will have preferential access to late check out upon departure from the hotel, always subject to hotel availability.


4.3 Impersonation

In the event that a Member Holder becomes aware of identity theft, he/she must inform our Customer Service or at the reception of the B&B HOTELS hotels participating in the programme, in order to block the account. The blocking of the B&me account will prevent anyone other than the account holder from using it and the benefits accrued.
Failure to communicate such circumstances in the manner indicated will exempt B&B HOTELS from any liability related to the redemption of discounts and other uses that may be made with your B&me loyalty account.


4.4. Forfeiture of benefits

Benefits expire within the calendar year. In other words, all benefits earned between 1 January and 31 December (year N) will be available until 31 December of year N+1.

B&B HOTELS reserves the right to remove any expired benefits at any time, with prior notice to the Member, and the customer will then lose the possibility of redeeming them as a B&me Member on future purchases.


4.5 Validity and modifications of the Loyalty Programme.

The Loyalty Programme shall remain in force indefinitely. However, B&B HOTELS reserves the right to terminate or modify it whenever it deems appropriate, provided that prior notice is given to the cardholders at least one month in advance (in the event of termination of the Loyalty Programme), for which purpose any of the usual communication channels may be used.

In case of termination of the service, B&B HOTELS will set the maximum period during which holders may enjoy their commercial benefits under the terms set out in the General Conditions. Once the established period has expired, the holder's rights in this respect will cease.

B&B HOTELS, the member hotels and the partner websites shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect consequence of any malfunction of the loyalty programme, whatever its cause. Likewise, in the event of an anomaly resulting, in particular, from an obvious technical or material error or an IT failure relating, in particular, to the redemption of vouchers on the customer's loyalty account, the holder of the "B&me" loyalty account may not claim the benefit, nor request reimbursement. As soon as this anomaly is discovered or brought to the attention of B&B HOTELS, the latter will proceed to regularise the loyalty customer's account. This regularisation will be brought to the attention of the loyalty account holder by updating his vouchers in his personal B&me account.


4.6 Fraudulent use.

Any fraudulent or improper use of discounts, offers and in general any promotion linked to the Loyalty account will be considered as a breach of the General Conditions by the Member, and B&B HOTELS may terminate it with immediate effect by written notice to your email address or in the absence of this to your postal address.

B&B HOTELS reserves the right to block the customer's account in the event that fraudulent or erroneous use of the same is detected.

Likewise, B&B HOTELS and decline all responsibility for the direct or indirect consequences of fraudulent or non-compliant use of the Loyalty account.


4.7 Termination or cancellation of the Loyalty Programme.

The Member may request cancellation of the Loyalty Programme at any time, directly through their B&me digital account or by sending a written and signed request by post to the following address: B&B HOSPITALITY ESPAÑA, S.L at Calle Luis Pasteur, S/N, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, enclosing a photocopy of the Member's ID card (or other document proving their identity) and specifying their request, or by sending an email to the customer service address


5.- B&me Member Services

Members will have a customer service loyalty in the email, as well as at the receptions of the hotels B&B HOTELS to resolve any questions, find out about mechanics, benefits or resolve any type of incident that may arise with the operation of the Loyalty Programme.


6. Nullity and ineffectiveness of the clauses

If any content of these General Conditions is declared totally or partially null and void or ineffective, such declaration shall only affect the content or part of the same that is null and void or ineffective, with the rest of the General Conditions remaining in all other respects, and such content or part of the same that is affected shall be deemed not to have been included, unless, because it is essential to these General Conditions, it should affect them in their entirety.


7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions, as well as any relationship between the Member and B&B HOTELS shall be governed by Spanish and/or Portuguese legislation in force at any given time (depending on the country where the Member Holder has registered).