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What to do in Basel: Top Sights & Highlights


The city of Basel itself is a tourist attraction in its own right, as it looks back on an ancient historical past. Basel has an indescribably romantic flair.

The Rhine (rhine river) alone, which divides the city in two, is a wonderful place to explore and discover. With its contrasting silhouette, right on the water, alternating between the old town and modern metropolis, Basel, together with Zurich, is one of the most eventful cities in Switzerland.

Between the “Barfüsserplatz” and Münster (Basel Minster) as well as the botanical garden Basel, we show you the highlights and top attractions of the city. For your trip and your visit to Basel, one of the most beautiful cities of the European continent, we recommend our popular B&B HOTEL Basel.


Museum visit and travel tip: Visit the Fondation Beyeler - art from all over the world.

The Fondation Beyeler (built in 1989) houses a unique art collection. You will find beautiful works by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Francis Bacon, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol (one of the largest and most prestigious art collections in the world).

The Fondation Beyeler aims to be an open, energetic museum that attracts a wide audience to art. It is a museum that promotes both cultural education and interpersonal encounters. Nowadays, the Fondation Beyeler is considered the most popular art museum in Switzerland and is regarded among the best in the world.



Visit Basel Zoo, home to thousands of animals

On a trip to Basel, it is worth visiting the popular Basel Zoo. The zoo is one of the first of its kind in Switzerland and has an international reputation.

Here you will find a variety of different animal species (approx. 7000 animals), making it one of the most popular destinations in the city.

Particularly lovingly designed near-natural enclosures and especially rare animals such as gorillas, giraffes, crocodiles and elephants can be found here.

A visit to the zoo is also wonderfully suitable for families traveling with children.


Discover the highlights of Basel: Architecture and traditional history


During your travel through the town center (possible with the "tram" or train), you will come across the popular Basel Market. Here you can find many things, including fresh fruit and delicious typical Swiss goodies. City tourists can also get a closer look at the traditional life in Basel and then unwind in one of the lovely bars and cafes.

There are many old buildings to discover in Basel which have an ancient charm (for instance the Basel Cathedral in the city centre). Discover the popular architectural scene and let your eyes wander over the roofs and buildings of the city, which is considered unique worldwide. Thanks to its direct neighborhood to France, you can even plan a side trip to the French neighbours.

The borders of three countries meet in Basel: Germany, Switzerland and France. The so-called "Dreiländereck" bears witness to the friendship and harmony between the countries over the years and is a meeting place for different countries, languages and cultures. Here you can also relax by the Rhine (river) and enjoy nature.

Popular places to visit in Basel:

  • Tinguely Fountain: Artistically designed fountains can also be found in the city. In 1977, Jean Tinguely placed a playful machine sculpture in a water basin where the stage of the old city theatre used to be, creating a new cultural landmark in Basel that can be explored.
  • Check out the three city gates, the last remnants of the Walls of Basel which are a historical symbol of this ancien walled city.
  • You can also plan fantastic tours and excursions with various companies that offer a large range of trips and guided tours.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful accommodation at the B&B HOTEL in Basel.