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Basel Zoo: Wildlife, Nature Park and Biodiversity

The zoo in Basel is one of the oldest animal parks in Switzerland. It was founded in 1874 and since then the number of animals has grown to over 7000, divided into over 600 species.


Also known as the Basel Zoological Garden, Basel Zoo is one of the most important zoos in the world, which is partly due to its successful breeding programme. Rhinos, hippos and lowland gorillas have already been born here - making the zoo an attraction far beyond Switzerland's borders.

Both adults and children will enjoy the zoo, which offers special experiences for both. You will also find a good restaurant in the Zoopark.

You can reach Basel Zoo from our popular B&B HOTEL in Basel in just a few minutes drive. Public transport (bus) is available to take you directly from our hotel to the zoo and the city center of Basel (distance by car/tram: 2.9 km; 5 min travel time from Basel SSB central station).


Experience animals from all continents


A look at the current animal population of the zoological garden shows the diversity of species. Lovingly called "Zolli", the zoo is home to over 60 species of mammals, 90 different species of birds, 40 species of reptiles, over 130 invertebrates, 10 species of amphibians and well over 200 species of fish (the zoo also has a large aquarium).

The zoopark is quite large and has several natural habitats. All animals in the zoo are housed in an area that mimics their habitat. Exotic animals include sea lions, rare birds, lions, penguins and elephants. There is also a pelican river that was artfully constructed a few years ago.

The various stations of the zoo in the wildlife zoo Basel can also be explored on a guided tour. You can simply ask for one directly at the entrance. Guides will give you an insight into animal keeping and the specific exhibitions, the animal museum as well as tell you something about the history of the zoo.


Explore different natural landscapes: Africa, Australia, Brazil

The Basel city zoo is one of the largest in Europe. During a visit you will experience a large number of animals.

They are kept in a way that matches their natural habitat and the region in which they live (local nature model).


The unique monkey house has taken up the largest space in the zoo. This is where you will find, among others, the kings of the jungle, the gorillas, but also chimpanzees and the much-loved orangutans. Besides, the zoo specialises in keeping and raising species such as little squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, lion monkeys and white-headed macaques.

Each enclosure is designed to suit the animals and their specific needs and housing conditions. In the zoo you will find a public map showing you the different enclosures. One of them is the popular African landscape, which is modelled on the African savannah. In the antelope house you can see the huge fascinating giraffes, kudus as well as the rare okapis .

We are pleased to welcome you to our affordable and modern B&B HOTEL in Basel. Thanks to the central location of this accommodation, you have the sights of the city right on your doorstep.