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Choose the Best Price and change your mind whenever you want!

#StayFlexi: book at the Best Price and if you reconsider it you are free to change

At this particular time we want to offer you all the support we can to organize a weekend of leisure, summer holidays or a small break after so much time spent at home. We want to continue to offer you the services we have always offered at the lowest possible price, guaranteeing you maximum flexibility in such a delicate moment.

That's why Stay Flexi was born: the new non-refundable rate but modifiable so that you don't have to give up the Best Price! All bookings at B&B Hotels in Italy made on this site until March 2021 at the Stay Flexi rate, guarantee you the possibility to change the date of your booking by issuing a voucher* of the corresponding value and valid for 12 months from the date of your first booking. You will then be free to reschedule your stay should you change your mind or find yourself unable to leave.

Book your next trip from home without worries, with B&B Hotels!

Your safety is our priority

Our hotels are safe and constantly sanitized for everyone's health. In the facilities in Italy, the breakfast buffet service has been reorganized to minimize any type of risk; find out more!

In addition, we have developed a new dedicated sanitization protocol Safety Label High-Quality Anti Covid-19 for the safety of our guests and all staff at the hotel.

The sanitization process includes the safety of all rooms and the intensification of protection measures. In fact, all facilities are equipped with certified personal protective equipment (PPE) (masks, gloves and footwear), dispensers with disinfectant solutions and protective plexiglas at the reception desks to protect everyone.