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Discover the world of B&B HOTELS Switzerland

There are so many reasons to stay at B&B HOTELS Switzerland. We will always have a room for you, whether you’re coming for a business trip, a family stay en route to your vacation, alone or with company.

Equipped with luxury facilities, our rooms have a very comfortable large bed (mattress changed regularly), soft duvet and pillows (from major bedding brands). They have a sleek and neat design, with air conditioning and soundproofing.

Are you always on the move like a hot-desker or simply looking for a way to work remotely? Our B&B HOTEL Rothrist Olten has got you covered! With rooms that have been transformed into a "home office", you can work in style at B&B HOTELS! For more information, please feel free to contact the hotel. We also provide seminar rooms for your events in our hotels in Lully, St. Gallen and Nyon.

Back in your room, make the most of our flat-screen TVs, equipped with Chromecast so you can stream your favorite programs on Netflix, Prime Video or YouTube (among others!).

Is your faithful four-legged companion accompanying you for your stay? We are happy to accept it for a supplement of CHF 20 per night in all our hotels such as in Basel, Oftringen or in our two hotels in Zurich: the B&B HOTEL Zurich Airport Rumlang and Zurich East Wallisellen.

Our private bathrooms are equipped with an XXL hand-held shower. Once you’re in the shower, it will be difficult to get out!

Start off your day on the right foot...

With a choice of butter, jams, Nutella and spreadable or sliced cheese to accompany pastries and rolls... Our breakfast will delight all foodies, whether you fancy something sweet or savory! Yoghurts, fruit juices and hot drinks (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) are also included. Enjoy our breakfast for 17 CHF per person.

Children up to 11 years old inclusive can enjoy the same as adults! Same breakfast, but lower price, at just 8.50 CHF!

B&B HOTELS is making changes, and breakfast is now available to take away or eat in your room, in accordance with the new Covid-19 health measures in place.

...After a peaceful night

Offering you the best experience, at the best rates, is our mission at B&B HOTELS in Switzerland!

Don’t believe us? You just have to stay with us to believe it!

To ensure that we provide you with the best experience, we offer rooms with a warm design, private bathroom and friendly communal areas.

We know it can be difficult to find an affordable hotel room, which is why we are proud to offer you quality room bookings at a lower price.
Enjoy a spacious family hotel room that can accommodate at least 3 people, and with a private bathroom. All the comforts of a hotel with room rates that beat the competition! 
We’ll say it again, but only because we’re sure of it: wherever you go, there is always a B&B HOTELS ready to welcome you! 
Need more information? Some little tips and advice...we know all about that. Our managers are always ready to advise you on recommendations around town, where to park, accessible gas stations, and all the things that make life easier when you’re on the move.

Look no further. At B&B Hotels, we’re always on hand to help! 

If you want to search for information on your own, a touch terminal is available at the entrance to each hotel. You’ll know all the best places to go inside out!
Book your hotel room in advance so that you can plan your stay and excursions down to the last detail, and always at a low price. Do you want to book a room in one of our hotels in Switzerland? It couldn’t be easier!