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Services B&B HOTELSPortugal: Parking and electric charges


If you are travelling by car, almost all our hotels have outdoor or indoor parking so you can park your car comfortably during your stay. Many of them are free, and in the hotels where we don't have this service, we have agreements with the nearest car park. You will find all the information about your parking directly on the website of the hotel where you want to stay or by contacting the reception. 

At B&B HOTELS we are a sustainable company and very committed to the environment, therefore, in most of our car parks we have electric chargers so you can recharge your vehicle for free. We have two types of chargers; one exclusively for Tesla customers and another for all electric cars with type 2 connector. 

Finally, if you are not a guest of our hotel you can also park your car in our car parks. We work with the company "One Park", a mobile app that allows you to book a parking space anywhere in the world in just 2 clicks. The app offers you a wide range of car parks to park your car in a safe place.

We are waiting for you!