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Services B&B HOTELS Portugal: Lovely Pack


Do you want to spend a romantic evening with someone special? At B&B HOTELS Portugal, we want you to have an unforgettable experience. That’s why we’ve designed a new service that you can opt for when booking with us or during check-in. Discover our Lovely Pack and take advantage of this B&B service, paying an extra 10 to 20€, depending on which hotel you’re staying at. When you opt for our lover’s pack, we will decorate your room with rose petals, swan-shaped towels, chocolates and champagne. Don’t hesitate to surprise your loved one. Enjoy an unforgettable experience together. Are you ready for this special moment? You’ll surely want to experience it again!

If you wish, together with your help, we can personalize your Lovely Pack. For example, many of our customers have proposed to their partners at our hotels. We’ve helped them decorate with balloons or other props that they’ve brought, to help make their stay even more romantic. We’ll help you plan a surprise!



In our rooms and, in general, in our facilities it is PROHIBITED the use of candles or flammable elements due to the risk of possible damage that may cause.

*This service is subject to availability.