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A hotel room during the day at a low price

A hotel room anytime, even during the day!

Whether you are on a business trip, a family holiday or a romantic getaway, you can enjoy a room to rest, watch TV, work or take advantage of the relaxation areas available in all our hotels. 

We offer simple and flexible booking conditions to allow you to tailor your trip to suit your needs.


A hotel room for a few hours  

Take advantage of the hotel lounge, its bar or the surrounding restaurants to relax, and ask for the city map at the reception desk to guide you on your trip!

Organize your day as you wish and enjoy the comfort and calm of our rooms in our B&B HOTELS Belgium.

Booking an inexpensive hotel during the day has never been easier.

Of course, if you want to enjoy our delicious breakfast, don't hesitate to stay an extra night or arrive early in the morning!

A tailor-made co-working space

The development of teleworking will perhaps lead you to seek a comfortable and cozy place to work, while making sure to be calm for maximum concentration?
Our rooms, with an office, can accommodate you for this purpose. 
With the flexible booking conditions (cancellation possible up to your arrival, remote check-in, guaranteed best price) offered in our B&B HOTELS Belgium, create your tailor-made organization without costing you too much!

Take a break during a stopover

Need a breather before hitting the road between two meetings or simply to stop off to recharge? Our rooms have a modern design, all equipped with made-to-measure and quality bedding, will be able to offer you this invigorating respite.
With a private bathroom, equipped with a flat screen with Chromecast service, air-conditioned and soundproofed, you can fully enjoy this cocoon as long as necessary.

Interested in booking an inexpensive room during the day in one of our B&B HOTELS Belgium? Contact our hotels directly to work together to find the solution suitable to your needs.