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Corporate Agreements B&B HOTELS Spain

Use our discounts to save money on business trips!

Are you a freelancer or a company?

At B&B HOTELS we care about you and we have advantages for those companies or freelancers who need regular accommodation in our hotels.

If you are interested in staying with us for business reasons, please contact us through indicating the name of your company, approximate number of nights and hotels in need in Spain and Portugal.

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5 reasons to have a Corporate Agreement with us

  1. Coverage - We are present in 15 countries with more than 750 hotels. 
  2. Cost effective - You will receive discounts for all accomodations if you have a Corporate Agreement with us
  3. Simplicity - we have developed the best-in-class digital platform which allows our customers to directly book at the best price on our website and mobile application with their discount code, available on iOS and Android.
  4. Features - We have contemporary style hotels, interior design customized to local destinations, quality bedding, unlimited buffet breakfast with a wide choice of quality and organic products, high-speed Wi-Fi access, private parkings, 24-hour access to the rooms and chromecast ina selected number of bedrooms.
  5. Social Responsibility - B&B HOTELS is a responsible company that cares about the environment, people, social responsibility and governance. We have always been and always will be committed to a continuous progress around sustainable development and respect for the planet and its inhabitants.