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Finding a hotel with room for a seminar close to Disneyland® Paris

In close proximity to Disneyland, finding a hotel with seminar room for a congress of professionals or simply to meet colleagues can be complicated depending on your needs and budget. With a direct access to the Gare de Lyon and such a big tourist attraction in this area, the Disneyland® Paris surroundings are a very nice and original option to hold your professional events. When you won’t go and enjoy the theme parks, you can easily organise visits to Paris, in areas like the popular Bastille or the Champs Elysées for a classier place. Choosing our B&B Hotel Disneyland® Paris for seminar with its ideal location, offers a large freedom of choice for a meeting and seminar rooms without costing your company an arm and a leg, yet with comfortable accommodation where your guests can stay. Here are some nice options to hold your conferences and seminars to encourage your teams to put all their heart and effort in your activity.

Easily accessible places to stage your company’s event at Disneyland® Paris

A few steps away from your B&B Hotel Disneyland®, you will find several places to welcome your teams for your professional events. Depending on how many people will attend it, the meeting rooms have enough space to host from 15 to 300 people in general. With these rooms’ high capability, there is no need to go all the way to the center of Paris for your collaborators to enjoy an exciting time teambuilding while working. With the amusement parks in direct proximity, our Disneyland B&B hotel is the ideal place to accommodate everyone when organising shows and workshop in an overall nice and fun atmosphere with all the comfort you need. You might want to take them to the parks to enjoy the attractions and enjoy a lunch in one on the restaurants. And during the hot nights of summer, they can relax in our charming terrace over our well-kept garden with a cocktail on hand, admiring the stars.

Great value accommodation close to Disneyland® for your team events

Even though you are organising a professional event, choosing our B&B Hotel near Disneyland, located in the vicinity of the amusement park, you are offer some fun time and bringing back childhood memories to your teams thanks to the fairy tale atmosphere the theme parks offer. Besides the hotel’s charm, it offers breakfast and evening meal catering and it is only a little distance from Disneyland® Paris.

As it is not a hotel with room service, our accommodations are very affordable and the hotel has enough rooms to host all of the attendees to your conference. The hotel is a nice place for a professional event serving wi-fi in the facility, with a large parking lot for your guests, making it one of the best value options available.