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Be an entrepreneur and manage B&B HOTELS!

Have you been working in the hotel, retail or franchise sector for many years? Are you passionate about your work? Do you strive to offer the best service to your customers and a pleasant working environment to your team? Do you have an entrepreneurial profile and would you like to become your own boss? If you feel identified with these lines, you will be interested in what we are going to tell you!

At B&B HOTELS we give you the chance to become your own boss and manage our hotels independently. If you have an entrepreneurial profile, you are a proactive person and you have a great capacity for work, your mission will be to face the constant challenges of the hotel, with the clients and your team.

In order to manage the hotel's resources and obtain the best possible returns, as well as to plan the strategy to be followed and achieve the best results, it is important that you have previous experience in the reception and/or management area. If you do not have this experience, but you have skills such as sales orientation or customer service, we will train you in hotel management tasks so that you have all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need. 

In addition, it will be very useful for you to have leadership and motivational skills for your team. Our tip? surround yourself with the best staff. Selecting the right people for your business is essential to achieve good results. You, as a manager, will have to work on creating a pleasant working environment, fostering a sense of belonging and motivating your employees in an environment of trust while sharing the company's philosophy and values.

On the other hand, are you good at identifying opportunities? To be a good manager, you must have a great ability to observe what is happening in your hotel, as well as what is happening in your competitors' hotels and in the environment where your business is located. Being attentive to what is happening around you will allow you to anticipate and make the best decisions at all times.

To manage your business successfully, you must also have important organisational qualities, since leading a business of this type requires work planning and perseverance, as well as working with a results orientation. But you are not alone at the head of this project! To achieve these objectives, you will always have the support of our brand. From our offices you will get all the support you need to maximise revenue and customer satisfaction, while striving to meet B&B HOTELS standards. 

Another essential skill to run your hotel successfully is to have a clear customer orientation. You must know what they need, how they think and what they feel in order to offer them not only the best product, but also the best service. Satisfied customers will keep them coming back. And building customer loyalty will be one of your main objectives, as well as consolidating the relationship with the hotel chain.

In short, if your dream is to manage a hotel in our chain, now is the ideal time to do it.

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity to be your own boss, and therefore hone your entrepreneurial skills with minimal initial investment.
  • Leading hotels with a consolidated and successful hospitality and management model with more than 700 hotels in 15 countries. 
  • The opportunity to continue growing as we are in the midst of an expansion project. 
  • A structure that will support you to develop your full potential in running your own business.

Who are we looking for?

  • Passionate about the world of hospitality.
  • With experience in the hotel sector, franchises or retail.
  • Committed to the team, with a great interest in people and their development.
  • Someone with an entrepreneurial character, proactive, hard-working, responsible and with skills in the management of a hotel business. 
  • Great capacity for problem solving and multitasking.
  • Good knowledge of English and possibly a second language.
  • Proven ability to manage a company's profit and loss account.
  • Knowledge of hotel industry management systems is an asset.

For more information and to apply, please send us an email with your CV attached to . Someone from our team will contact you.



"It's a great opportunity that can help you grow professionally and personally. When you become your own boss, the hardest is the beginning. With this business model, you won't have to take the risks of someone starting from scratch. You will benefit from a powerful brand with an established and successful business model." 

Lucía Méndez-Bonito, CEO B&B HOTELS Spain and Portugal




“Although sometimes it can be dizzying to start a business, this time you won't be alone. You will have the support of all the departments in our head office without having to incur additional costs. They are all great professionals with years of experience in the hotel sector". 

Josep Abellán. COO B&B Hotels Spain and Portugal.



At B&B HOTELS we have been operating and working with this business model for more than 30 years. Other entrepreneurs from other countries are happy with the decision they made in the past. If you want to know more, you can read their opinions clicking here.