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Hotel Managers & Entrepreneurs in France

Our hotel managers are also entrepreneurs: find out more about them!

In 2019, B&B HOTELS presents its Hotel Managers & Entrepreneurs

Hotel Managers & Entrepreneurs: that’s what makes the difference!

Over the coming year, we’re going to tell you all about the men and women who make B&B HOTELS.

Every month, you’ll be able to watch a video portrait of one or two hotel managers.

B&B HOTELS showcases its hotel managers!

To showcase the company’s CSR commitments across our network of hotels in France, we wanted to highlight the incredibly diverse careers and profiles of our hotel managers who make our brand unique.

So you’ll be able to find out more about our hotel managers in a series of videos on these “hotel managers & entrepreneurs”!

How? By joining B&B Hotels as management agents in the north of France, where Lucie is from. They moved to Valenciennes in 2008 when the chain opened a new hotel there.

After successfully managing the Valenciennes hotel, they moved to Seclin and then to Lille, where they were faced with a new challenge: training staff and sharing their vision for the business to turn the hotel’s fortunes around.

Today, they’re extremely pleased to see that their strategy has proved successful and they make the most of the freedom they enjoy in their roles.

With his specialist knowledge of the franchise, he was in his element and decided to embark on a new project, focusing on his own values and those of the brand. He presented his plan for a hotel in Châtenay-Malabry.

Having devised and presented his business plan, he made a point of offering a product which was particularly well suited to the target market. With its new concept and sleek, modern feel, built using high quality materials, the planned hotel was an attractive prospect. Thomas Girard signed a partnership with local businesses.

The proof of his success? By the second day, the hotel was fully booked. Since June 2018, he’s focused on developing close relationships with his customers and his teams as the manager at his B&B Hotel in the south of Paris.

Véronique and Michael Ferrand joined B&B HOTELS in 2007 and now manage 6 hotels in Lyon and the surrounding area. At the time, they managed a Villages Hotel which was acquired by the B&B HOTELS brand.

12 years later, the couple has become a driving force and an entrepreneurial inspiration. They act as B&B HOTELS brand ambassadors in Lyon, sharing its values at events and in their everyday work.

They’re very involved with their operational teams and focus on developing customer loyalty while sharing their enthusiasm for their jobs both internally and with their customers.

Having enjoyed their roles as management agents in several hotels in Lyon, they decided to join the B&B HOTELS franchise by opening two hotels.

B&B HOTELS gave this tourism expert the opportunity to develop her career at a people-centric hotel chain where daring entrepreneurs are encouraged to succeed.

She describes herself as a brand ambassador for B&B HOTELS, working every day to promote our hotel chain’s products and values, both internally and externally.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything this perfectionist does: she pays close attention to ensuring the quality of her hotel and its services and loves to welcome her customers, interacting with them to develop customer loyalty.

When asked about her career within our network, Selena says: “Entrepreneurs always face plenty of obstacles, but it’s so satisfying to develop successful projects.”

They’re both entrepreneurs at heart and are well aware of the opportunities they’ve enjoyed over the course of their careers; now, they want to give their teams the same development opportunities, helping them to focus on their future at B&B HOTELS.

They’re incredibly committed and are always coming up with new ideas.

Loïc is a member of the Belfort Expert Club (a tourism association); working together with the association, they launched a local tourist trail on the city’s cycle paths.

These hotel managers and entrepreneurs believe in the importance of meaningful entrepreneurship!