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  • Marburg
  • 16 Jun. 202417 Jun. 2024
    16 Jun.17 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Marburg - Student town with medieval flair, 1 hotel

The industry and trade centre on the Elbe!

Marburg is a lively and beautiful city, situated directly on the river Lahn. The character of the Hessian town is determined by the medieval flair of the old town, the majestic castle and the countless small staircases and narrow alleys that run through the town. Although the city of Marburg - as its architecture suggests - can look back on an extensive history, everyday life is characterized by a refreshing youthfulness. More than a third of the city's 70,000 inhabitants are students at the local Philipps University. With good reason it is therefore probably said: "Other cities have a university, the city of Marburg is a university!". Let us take you on a journey through ancient lanes!

Discover the old town: Marburg and its history

Marburg Oberstadt - a journey through time

Probably the most popular quarter in Marburg is the old town, also called Marburg Oberstadt. Here you can stroll for hours, let yourself drift and go on a discovery tour between the many steep stairs and winding alleys. Once you have left the half-timbered houses behind you and arrived at the centrally located market place, you almost get the impression that time has stood still: At any moment you expect to see the mayor leaving the town hall in his old-fashioned clothes - that's how well the medieval buildings are preserved. If you visit Marburg during the Christmas season, you should not miss the Advent market in front of the historic town hall! There is something for the whole family at the Marburg Christmas market - from a steam-driven Ferris wheel for the children to mulled wine and other winter delicacies for the parents.

The Philipps-Universität Marburg: Where tradition and modernity unite

The Philipps-University has influence on the city in several ways and is a highlight among the sights of Marburg. Not only do the many students bring a breath of fresh air into everyday life in the city, but the architecture of the university buildings also has a decisive influence on the cityscape. The Old University, as the profane building of the Faculty of Protestant Theology is called, is the showpiece of the Philipps University and, thanks to its Gothic architecture, blends seamlessly into the medieval picture of the old town of Marburg. Marburg's university also has a lot to offer historically: Philipps-Universität was founded by Protestants as early as 1527 and is thus the oldest university still in existence, founded by the Protestant Church.

The Landgrafenschloss Marburg - Experience the view over the city and guided tours

The landgrave's castle, also known as Marburg Castle, built in the 13th century, is enthroned above the old town. This magnificent building is about a 10-minute walk from the upper town - and it's worth it: On the Schlossberg you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Marburg and its sights. In addition, the University Museum of Cultural History offers guided tours that take visitors on a journey into the past and present of the Landgrave's Castle. And if that is not enough, you can attend one of the numerous film and music screenings in the castle to fully immerse yourself in the halls of the former residence of the first Hessian Landgrave Heinrich I.

A rusty nail, please! - Culture, pubs and restaurants in Marburg

Can I buy you a drink? Nowhere does that work better than in the city with one of the highest publics in Germany. In Marburg, pubs have a long tradition: every pub has always had its own house schnapps. How about a nut in the rustic "Hinkelstein", for example? Or a rusty nail in the notorious "Frazzkeller"? The choice is endless! And the morning after is also taken care of, because in the favourite café of the common Marburger - the "Café Barfuß" - delicious and healthy breakfast is served. If you want to have it more princely, you can be served in the "Café Rosenpark" directly on the river Lahn. Fans of traditional German cuisine will love the "Zur Sonne" in the middle of Marburg's old town - this restaurant has existed since 1569. And Marburg can also convince culturally: the Waggonhalle cultural centre is particularly exciting, which impresses with a crazy diverse programme. From wrestling shows and circus performances to concerts, everything is offered here.

Movement in the city of Marburg

As most of the sights of Marburg are located in and around the old town, it is easy to explore them on foot. If you still want to visit more distant attractions, such as the Waggonhalle cultural centre (near the railway station), you can take advantage of the well-developed bus network. Here a regular day ticket for the city area costs 4.30€, a weekly ticket is available for 13.70€. If you are part of a group of up to 5 people, you can buy the inexpensive group day ticket for 7.80€.

Directions to the city of Marburg

Whether by car, bus or train - the city of Marburg is easy to reach from many directions due to its central location. For example, the car journey to Marburg from Cologne, Frankfurt and Kassel as well as from Nuremberg takes less than three hours. The large number of rail connections leading to Marburg makes it easy to travel by train from all over Germany. For visitors arriving by plane, we recommend landing in Frankfurt am Main (approx. 100 km away) and travelling the rest of the way by train.

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