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  • Hildesheim
  • 20 May 202421 May 2024
    20 May21 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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Hildesheim, 1 hotel

Welcome to Hildesheim

If you’re looking for a big city with charming medieval flair, you should definitely go to Hildesheim. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to admire here. Discover more about the diverse attractions of this cathedral and university city, which attracts families, as well as solo travellers, couples and groups. B & amp; B Hotel Hildesheim offers cheap and comfortable accommodation close to Hildesheim Central Station.

Its sights appear as though from a picture book

Visiting Hildesheim’s old town is like taking a walk through an historical picture book: starting with the world-famous Cathedral of St. Mary of the Ascension with its 1000-year-old rose tree, the legendary Knochenhauer Butchers' Guild Hall on the historic market square, and the Werner house on Brühl street. Stroll through the half-timbered district with its narrow streets and its rose-petal details. Admire the elaborate carvings on the facade of Wedekindhaus or visit Hildesheim’s most famous church, St. Michaelis, the most important religious building north of the Alps.

Open-air museum and venue for cultural highlights

Would you like to learn more about the history of the city of Hildesheim? There’s lots to learn and discover, for example, the city museum or the World Cultural Heritage visitor centre, dedicated to the cathedral and St. Michaelis Church. Equally recommendable: the Rose Museum at the Baroque Magdalen Garden. And Hildesheim also offers a lot of culture away from the museums. For example, you can check out the Theater für Niedersachsen and regular music events, such as M'era Luna Festival or Jazztime Hildesheim.

Gastronomy and activities in Hildesheim

Hildesheim is full of gastronomic meeting places where you can relax, while the buzz of the city and the river Innerste pass you by. They include the restaurant "Die Insel" or the "Eiscafé Capri". Hearty Lower-Saxon cuisine is served in the city's most rustic wine bar, the "Mayor's Chapel". Real south-German flavours can be sampled in "Meyers Treppchen". If you want to combine strolling and shopping, you’ll love the Arneken Gallery, or one of the many unique, boutique stores in the pedestrian zone.

Getting about Hildesheim city centre: It’s easily accessible by foot and public transport

All major sights are centrally located and are just a few minutes’ walk from one another. Bus tickets cost €1.40 (children aged 6 and above cost €0.75). If you’re travelling further out, tickets cost from €2.40 upwards (children aged 6 and above cost: €1.40). Important for night owls: There is a good network of night-bus connections, especially on weekends.

Arrival to Hildesheim

Hanover airport is nearby and is served from all over Germany. Hildesheim is connected to the ICE-network of the DB and therefore in many cases can be reached on a direct route or with only one change of train. By car, you can reach the city of Hildesheim via the A7, junction 62.
Plan your trip to the city of Hildesheim with B&B Hotels now! From Hildesheim, as an old German saying goes, nobody has ever come back disappointed. We welcome you on site and provide you with important tips and information about your time in Hildesheim.