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  • Heidelberg
  • 18 Jun. 202419 Jun. 2024
    18 Jun.19 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Heidelberg, 1 hotel

Charming and enchanting!

Stay at our affordable B&B Hotel Heidelberg and get to know this fascinating city. Visit attractions such as Heidelberg Castle. From here, you can enjoy a stunning view across the whole city, including its impressive historical centre. Highlights include the Church of the Holy Ghost and numerous other historical buildings such as the old bridge, town hall and Jesuit church.

B&B Hotel in beautiful Heidelberg – Experience a unique flair

The dynamic metropolis of Heidelberg is idyllically embedded in the scenic Neckar Valley. Directly at their feet stretches the Odenwald in the oldest university town in Germany. Today, the historic centre of Heidelberg is a place of culture and international diversity. With an impressive wealth of castles, exhibitions and museums, the residence city has been named one of the most beautiful cities in the world (the surrounding regions are also one of them). People from all over the world come to admire the masterpieces of the city and experience the contrasts of modern and classical.

Overnight stay in Heidelberg – enjoyment in a historic ambience

Our B&B Hotel Heidelberg not far from the old town, is ideally located for exploring the whole city. From our hotel, the Districts of Heidelberg can be reached quickly and easily, whether with the existing taxis, public transport or on foot.

The Electoral Palatinate residence city is crowned between the incomparable historic old buildings by the imposing castle high on the Königstuhl. Between the two stretches a wealth of art, culture and nature. The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is surrounded by fascinating landscapes and is the ideal place to explore between natural peace and urban flair.

Our selected hotels in Heidelberg include free parking, so you can move around by public transport without much worry. In the room we offer you free high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning and available access to Sky TV.

Heidelberg City Trip: An exclusive location

Due to its central location, you can reach the most beautiful sights of the city (as well as the surrounding regions) from our B&B hotel and at the same time only a few meters away from the enchanting Neckar. Heidelberg is internationally known for science and research, for romanticism and poetry. Literature in Heidelberg is particularly beautiful. The leisure activities of the popular city attract new visitors again and again, as Heidelberg offers a wealth of events, music festivals, literature exhibitions and theatre performances.

The historic old town is home to the Ruprecht Karls University, which was established in the 14th century. It is still one of the most renowned educational institutions in Germany.

In the immediate vicinity is also the oldest university library in Germany, which was opened at the same time. The city of Heidelberg lives and transmits this former ambience to every visitor to the city and is a popular vibrant city with over 37,000 students.

Heidelberg – a city between science and world culture

The university city welcomes researchers, students, teachers and learners from all over the world. Learning and research have a long tradition in Heidelberg. More than 56 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to researchers (an outstanding evaluation compared to the universities) who lived in Heidelberg or began their research. Such a location is an important part of cutting-edge research in Germany and many innovative future perspectives can be seen in the city and science is integrated everywhere in Heidelberg.

The perfect excursion in Heidelberg

The streets of Heidelberg give the Baden-Württemberg regions a special charm with their splendour of colours and historic buildings. Over 1.5 km long is the car-free pedestrian mile that leads through the stunning old town. On every corner there is a classic-style café or a modern-bizarre restaurant. The baroque houses and religious buildings of the city can be admired constantly and already in the evening there are various locations to listen to music.

First mentioned around the year 1200, Heidelberg is now a true metropolis with around 11 million guests per year. The old town is the main attraction with well-known brand shops and boutiques. The city is incomparably beautiful and invites you to stroll and shows its Mediterranean flair, which is reflected in the current atmosphere of Heidelberg.

From the B&B Hotel Heidelberg to the city centre

Our affordable hotel room in the selected hotels in Heidelberg offers you the best stay comfort due to the central location. The nearest S-Bahn stop is in the immediate vicinity, as is Heidelberg Central Station, which is within walking distance. The networking, modernity and culture of the city make city trips to Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar region an internationally popular point of contact for all age groups. Hardly any other city has such a rating. Of course, your beloved pets are also welcome in our accommodations, our hotel in Heidelberg is of course pet-friendly.

Activities in Heidelberg: Nature and Impressive History

Heidelberg has an almost inexhaustible diversity. Starting with the Karl-Theodor-Brücke, which connects the old town with the district of Neuenheim. Built of sandstone by Elector Karl Theodor around 1788, it is still one of the most famous landmarks, which is also visited in the old town tours. Heidelberg Castle stretches across the city in all its glory, the Rennaissance Palace is still an enchanting ruin worth strolling through and is considered the city's main attraction.

The castle is easily accessible through the Heidelberg mountain railway on the market square of the old town, which will take you to your destination in style. On the way there, you will of course also find a typical Heidelberg restaurant.

The Thingstätte is also reminiscent of ancient Greece due to its perfect design, but was built during the Second World War. Here they tried to rediscover ancient Germanic rites – which is why the place leaves an impressive feeling with visitors. If you go back to the old town after an extensive day of excursions, you will find the Heiliggeistkirche on the market square, which was built of completely red sandstone in 1592.

Restaurants in Heidelberg – an international cuisine for every taste

Along the Neckar and within the old town stretch numerous specialties and delicatessens and often offer great seating and an inviting backdrop, here Heidelberg calls: Look at me, I'm beautiful.

While the Heidelberg weekly markets with fresh fruit, vegetables and all delicacies invite you to stroll, culinary and local specialties can be found directly on site.

The price differences are quite interesting. In Heidelberg's city centre, you can be served in a stylish style and classic ambience or enjoy international cuisine to-go. From current French dishes to Japanese cuisine, the old town offers the perfect starting point for a cozy evening.

Hotel in Heidelberg city centre – Explore the city of literature

For the first time and so far as the first German city, Heidelberg has been allowed to bear the title UNESCO City of Literature since 2014. Those who visit Heidelberg have the opportunity to explore the history and sights on varied and up-to-date guided tours through the city. During a stroll through the city, green areas and the perfect parks invite you to linger, and university life is omnipresent. In the old town, in Bergheim and on the campus Im Neuenheimer Feld there are numerous university buildings.

On this is also the popular excursion destination, the Heidelberg Zoo. Heidelberg's newest district is also worth seeing: the Bahnstadt - and thus one of the most extensive urban development measures in Germany.

Since June 2019, the use of e-scooters, also known as e-scooters, has been permitted in German municipalities in Germany. E-scooters can now also be rented in the city of Heidelberg.

Sights in Heidelberg