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  • Bonn
  • 19 May 202420 May 2024
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Bonn, 2 hotels

Bonn: The often underestimated pearl on the Rhine

Bonn is the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, as you most likely know. But do you really know Bonn? Did you know that it is Beethoven's birthplace and that Bonn was founded 2,000 years ago? Visit the city on the Rhine, which is framed by the enchanting mountain landscape of the Siebengebirge. You will be amazed at the wealth of sights, art, culture and beautiful parks it has to offer.

Federal City of Bonn: A mirror of German history

For a business or city trip, our B&B HOTELS offer you a good and affordable place to stay. Bonn, which stretches on both sides of the Rhine, is located south of Cologne. Around 332,000 people live in the city in North Rhine-Westphalia. Bonn was of particular importance in the course of recent German history.

In 1949, it was given preference over Frankfurt in the search for a new capital for the young Federal Republic. In 1990, the Unity Treaty stipulated that Berlin would become the capital of a united Germany, as it had been before the Second World War. As a tribute to its long time as the federal capital, Bonn received the unique title of federal city.

Bonn: Seat of government and carnival stronghold

Although the capital's entourage moved to Berlin in the 1990s, Bonn was not completely released from its role as the seat of government. A number of ministries, authorities and German and international organisations are still represented here. And the international flair has also remained. A cheerful atmosphere pervades the city, making a visit a carefree pleasure. It is particularly attractive in spring, when the numerous planted ornamental cherries bloom.

Bonn cannot completely shake off the attribute of the former capital. But it has successfully achieved a structural change from a political location to a cosmopolitan city. It has acquired a special reputation as a metropolis of sustainability. The student city is young and offers numerous locations to celebrate. In summer, you can enjoy cultural events on open-air stages. Last but not least, Bonn is characterized by the exuberance of the Rhenish carnival.

Wonderful architecture and historical sights

The main artery of Bonn is the picturesque, imposing Rhine. Whether you choose our B&B HOTEL Bonn-West or the B&B HOTEL Bonn-City : It is conveniently located in the centre of the city. Stroll through the streets of the old town with its small shops, old restaurants and sights such as the Beethoven House, the Bonn Cathedral or the Old Town Hall.

Other attractions of the city of Bonn include the Electoral Palace, which today is the main building of the university. From here, the magnificent chestnut-lined Poppelsdorfer Allee leads to the baroque Poppelsdorfer Schloss. If you want to get an impression of Bonn's former fortress wall and enjoy a magnificent view at the same time, you should climb the Bastion Alter Zoll near the Hofgarten.

A city lives and loves the diversity of culture

Take advantage of your stay at our B&B HOTEL to discover and experience the federal city of Bonn! A wealth of museums invites you to look and marvel. Particularly interesting is the Museum Mile Bonn, whose houses present exciting exhibitions in the fields of art, science, technology, art and history.

As a culture lover, let yourself be inspired by performances of the theatre, the Schauspielhaus or the opera. Of course, Beethoven's birthplace also commemorates the composer musically. You can regularly listen to the concerts of the renowned Beethoven Orchestra Bonn in the Beethovenhalle. In addition, various cabaret stages and cabarets invite you to cultural events.

Bonn: Landscape, nature and nightlife

Would you like to immerse yourself in soothing greenery after sightseeing, architecture and attractions? Then Bonn with its beautiful parks is the right place for you. A great local recreation area and stage for open-air concerts are the Rheinauen, which were designed as a landscape park on the occasion of the Federal Garden Show in 1979. One of the historic parks is the Hofgarten with Hofgartenwiese. There is also the botanical garden and the enchanting promenades on the Rhine to discover.

The evening in Bonn will be a real pleasure. Numerous restaurants spoil you with culinary delights, including several restaurants with fine cuisine. If you just want to have a drink, stop by the iconic pubs with historic ambience. On balmy summer evenings, beautiful beer gardens serve a cool drink with a view of the Rhine. If there is still energy left, trendy clubs invite you to dance the night away.

B&B HOTELS: The feel-good place for cheap overnight stays

When choosing a hotel, do you attach importance to an optimal price-performance ratio? Then you should choose B&B HOTELS. The B&B HOTEL Bonn-City is located within walking distance of the city centre. A little further west, the B&B HOTEL Bonn-West, awaits you, which impresses with its convenient location near the motorway. Whether on a business trip or during a city trip: You will feel completely comfortable with us!

Our B&B HOTELS in Bonn spoil you with the best service. Thanks to the uncomplicated online check-in, you can check in around the clock. The rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. They offer comfortable beds as well as wardrobe, desk, a nice bathroom and soundproofed windows. Optionally, you can fortify yourself inexpensively at our healthy breakfast buffet.