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  • Bamberg Hotel B&B
  • 11/08/202212/08/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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Bamberg, 1 hotel

City of Bamberg - Nature and culture united

Experience world cultural heritage during a holiday in Franconia
As a World Cultural Heritage City, Bamberg not only inspires with its extraordinary culture and history, but also with a multitude of experiences and excursion possibilities in the region. Thus the beautiful city of Bamberg becomes one of the most interesting places in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The University of Bamberg also attracts many young people to the city, giving the old town of Bamberg a special flair. Whether you want to spend a longer stay in the region or plan a weekend holiday in Bamberg - the city of Bamberg offers a variety of experiences for every taste. Book a room at the B&B Hotel Bamberg at a reasonable price and in comfort that meets your individual requirements and spend an unforgettable time in beautiful Franconia!

The historic city of Bamberg

To experience the history of the city of Bamberg at first hand, it is best to take a walk through the old town. Bamberg is one of the towns with the best preserved town centres in Germany, which is why it is not only highly sought after as a holiday destination, but has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. The more than 1000 year old history of the city of Bamberg begins with the Babenberg family. Already in the 11th century the town was declared a diocese and the Heinrichsdom Bamberg was built.

Bamberg is still considered a cathedral city today. In the 19th century, however, the town of Bamberg became a Bavarian province after military occupation and was thus no longer subject to the rule of the church. You can still see this today on a walk through the town on the coats of arms of the New Residence Bamberg. Exciting guided tours for individuals and groups allow you to immerse yourself even more deeply in the history of the city of Bamberg. You will experience sights as well as the traditional beer culture. Let us surprise you!

City of Bamberg - Sights that inspire

If you want to discover sights in Bamberg and are looking for magical photo motifs, you don't have to go far. In the old town of Bamberg you will pass baroque town palaces such as the Böttingerhaus Bamberg or admire the Old Town Hall Bamberg. The best way to discover these jewels is to take a walk along the Regnitz river. Another highlight of the city of Bamberg is the Neue Residenz Bamberg. The building, which was erected on the cathedral square in Bamberg, is impressive not only because of its size but also because of its imposing furnishings. Today, no prince-bishops spend the night here anymore. The forty state rooms are open to visitors while parts of the building house the Bavarian State Gallery and the Bamberg State Library. On no account should you miss Bamberg's beautiful rose garden, which invites you to linger. Directly opposite the Residenz is the Alte Hofhaltung Bamberg, which is less magnificent but by no means less interesting. Guided tours are also offered here. The imperial cathedral of Bamberg is one of the most beautiful churches in Germany. Here you will also find the legendary Bamberg Horseman, of whom there is even a Playmobil figure. A visit is worthwhile! And who knows, maybe you will solve the riddles about the Bamberg Horseman?

City of Bamberg - Excursions to the region

The city of Bamberg was built on seven hills, which is why it is also known by the romantic nickname "Franconian Rome". The Altenburg Bamberg is enthroned on the largest of the hills. From the old town of Bamberg, it takes about half an hour to walk up to the Altenburg Bamberg, where you are rewarded not only with an imposing building but also with wide views over the city of Bamberg. An excursion to the nearby Steigerwald treetop path should be made especially if you are on holiday with children and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a day. The 42m high tower in the middle of the forest promises an adventure for young and old. The spa town of Bad Staffelstein, which can be reached in a half-hour drive, not only invites you to spend a day at the spa, but also impresses with its picturesque nature. From the pilgrimage church Vierzehnheiligen or the monastery Banz, you can see over the extensive Franconian region. For all hikers we recommend the panoramic path to the Staffelberg, which can be reached from the hiking car park in Romansthal. This view is fantastic!

City of Bamberg - Arrival

The city of Bamberg is very easy to reach from both the south and the north, as it has a very good transport network. If you are coming from Munich, plan on travelling about 2.5 hours on the A9 to Bamberg. Take the Bamberg-Ost exit to get directly to the city centre. If you are travelling from Hamburg, we recommend taking the A7 and A70 to the Hallstadt exit.

Travelling by train is possible via the main railway station in Nuremberg or Würzburg. From there you can reach Bamberg station in less than an hour by regional train.

City of Bamberg - local traffic

The public transport network is very well developed in the entire Nuremberg metropolitan region. Within the city of Bamberg you can choose between a single ticket from 1.20€ or a day ticket from 2.80€, which you can easily buy at all NVG ticket machines or online.

With a day ticket for 8.30€ you can even travel as far as Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Rothenburg, so that nothing stands in the way of your trip in Bavaria.

Stay cheap and comfortable in the modern B&B Hotel Bamberg. We are looking forward to your visit!