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Watches and Wonders Geneva

Watches and Wonders Geneva is a must-attend event for all enthusiasts who want to discover the latest trends, meet the industry's key players and plunge into the fascinating world of fine Swiss watchmaking. Discover the concept of Watches and Wonders, the detailed programme of the event and all the practical information you need to prepare your visit


Watches and Wonders Geneva


Watches & Wonders is one of the most prestigious events in the watch industry world. Held annually in Geneva, it attracts watch enthusiasts, collectors and watchmaking professionals from around the world. 

Once reserved exclusively for professionals, Watches and Wonders is now organised in two parts, and is open to the public during the weekend that closes the event. 

This event offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest creations from the leading Swiss and international watch brands, as well as to meet the watchmakers and craftsmen behind these little marvels of precision.


Watches and Wonders Geneva programme

A number of highlights punctuate the course of the show.

Presentation of the latest collections

Watches and Wonders Geneva is the place where watch brands unveil their latest collections and innovations. From luxury watches to the latest devices, chronographs, limited editions and one-off pieces, visitors have the chance to preview the year's most remarkable creations!

Meetings with watchmakers and craftsmen

One of the special features of this exhibition is the opportunity to meet directly with the craftsmen working in the most prestigious manufactures. These meetings offer a fascinating insight into the watchmaking creation process, from initial conception to final realisation, and allow enthusiasts to ask questions and learn more about traditional techniques and technological innovations.



Demonstrations of expertise are organised on site throughout the event. They pay tribute to the exceptional skills of master watchmakers and allow visitors to appreciate the meticulousness and precision of these professionals. Workshops in engraving, guilloché, enamelling and other craft techniques are presented live on the brand stands.

Guided tours

To give you a better understanding of the art of watchmaking, the show offers tours led by expert guides from the sector. These itineraries present the iconic brands (Rolex, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith, Panerai, Patek Philippe, etc.) and their most remarkable new products.

Exhibition of historic watches

In addition to new creations, the Watches and Wonders Geneva showcases historic watches and collector's items exhibited in the halls of Palexpo or in the city. These exhibitions offer visitors a unique opportunity to admire emblematic watches that have left their mark on the history of watchmaking, and to discover the fascinating anecdotes behind some very special models.

Immersion in the watchmaking of the future

The show also offers visitors a space where they can immerse themselves in the watchmaking of the future, the LAB. Traceability, luminous technology, 3D printing, AI, holograms... In this interactive space, start-ups, schools and engineers unveil the watchmaking of tomorrow to the general public and professionals alike!


Throughout the event, there will be discussions, debates and masterclasses led by leading figures from the sector.

Practical informations


Watches and Wonders Geneva takes place every April at Palexpo, Geneva's international exhibition and congress centre. 

The site is easily accessible by car or public transport. Geneva railway station and Geneva airport are in the immediate vicinity.

Tickets are on sale via the online ticketing service on the event website. Different prices are available depending on the package you choose.


Where to stay in Geneva during the Salon de l'Horlogerie?

Are you looking for a practical and inexpensive accommodation solution for your stay in Geneva during Watches and Wonders? 

Close to Lake Geneva, major roads, the railway station and the airport, our hotel is ideally located for enjoying both the city and the Watches and Wonders events. Our rooms are modern and bright, with comfortable beds (high-quality Bultex mattresses and pillows) and en suite bathrooms for a comfortable stay at a low price.

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