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Urban & Green | B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

We are urban: B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is situated in the midst of the urban beat of Ljubljana, a step away from historical sights, the most popular spots in Ljubljana as well as numerous cultural and fun events. Within reach are all of the modern urban infrastructure facilities and the hotel also actively supports and organizes several cultural, entertaining, and artistic events.
We are green: B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is the only hotel positioned in the middle of parks (as well as in the center of Ljubljana), surrounded by green treetops that will help you get a good night of sleep. The hotel is committed to sustainable development, encouraging respect for the environment, and connecting with local communities. “Reduce, reuse, and recycle” is one of the main principles considered.
Urban & Green: because of the placement in the green environment of parks as well as the name Hotel Park represents remarkable regional parks in its space. And since Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016, special attention was paid to regional parks in its vicinity. With the addition of fresh food from local produce, complimentary morning yoga under the trees, or an afternoon spent reading in our outdoor library staying at our hotel becomes a true adventure.
Main principles: B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park takes numerous measures to use fewer energy products. Water is one of the main sources of human existence, that’s why the hotel reduced its consumption and thereby the consumption of cleaning products. B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park separate waste and take care of their recycling. The hotel offer homemade dishes and drinks prepared from local produce and tries to maintain as little food waste as possible. Since the installation of containers, there is no waste soap. The hotel encourage activity, walking, and cycling – even amongst the hotel staff - and it's focused on electric vehicles which is why their owners have special benefits in B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park. The structure use recycled paper and natural material as much as possible, raises awareness amongst the guests and it's grateful for their contribution. B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park offers a 15% Eco Discount on direct bookings for those who arrive by train.

Travelife and Slovenia Green Accommodation Certificate

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park was the first hotel in Slovenia with Travelife and Slovenia Green Accommodation Certificates. Travelife is a well known and one of the most credible certificates in sustainability. The first time the hotel acquired a certificate was back in 2016 and since then it has been proudly implementing various sustainable approaches. B&B Hotels love to inspire others, especially the employees, guests and the local community. B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park had a committee visiting the structure to check if all 163 points required for certification are being met. The points on the checklist consist of green ambassadors – employees in charge of sustainability in the hotel, monitoring use of all energy sources, waste management, the policy that describes how to reduce, minimize our impact on the environment, sustainability report, being involved in the local community, etc... After the evaluation, B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park got the green light and can proudly say that the hotel has been approved for Travelife and Slovenia Green Accommodation for the next 2 years.
In the previous four years, B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park gained a lot of experience in a sustainable approach and gladly shares them with the rest of the B&B Hotels group, which has over 500 hotels. B&B Hotels wants to inspire others to start going in more sustainable directions and is especially pleased to see that the guests are appreciating this sustainable approach.