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Bee Path | B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

Bee Path was founded because of all of the above reasons. It was founded back in 2015 and it has 35 members to this day including educational and cultural institutions, health-related institutions, commercial institutions, and of course beekeepers and beekeeping societies. Its main purpose is to bring together like-minded people who will, through various activities, take care of the welfare of bees in the city and will help to spread the word about the importance of the bees in our ecosystem. Our hotel is very proud to be a member of the Bee Path in Ljubljana.

We have outlined the following goals at Bee Path

  • increase and development of beekeeping in the wider area of the City of Ljubljana (training beekeepers, providing assistance for the development of activities, co-financing the operation of five beekeeping societies)
  • development of beekeeping in the city center (security, awareness, and education of the citizens, rules of beekeeping in the urban area)
  • new tourism products presenting the natural and cultural heritage associated with beekeeping in the city
  • development of the new urban beehives, design of educational programs.

As many as 3% of all Slovenian beekeepers with more than 4,500 hives operate in the City of Ljubljana. There are 4 beekeeping associations (Barje, Ljubljana Moste-Polje, Tacen, and Ljubljana Center). Today in Ljubljana, we are also seeing the boom of urban beekeeping with the pioneer in this field being – Cankarjev Dom. The honey produced in the City of Ljubljana is of exceptional quality. In addition to beekeepers, the City of Ljubljana also takes care of bees by planting perennial plants with many honey plants in public areas.