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Services B&B Hotels Spain: Starbucks® coffee corner


Because we think of you and we want to give you the best service, at B&B Hotels we have become the first hotel chain to incorporate a We proudly serve Starbucks® coffee corner, offered by Selecta. From now on, you will find in our B&B Hotel Madrid Aeropuerto T4 a premium concept of self-service drinks with which you can discover the authentic Starbucks® experience.
Starbucks® coffee lovers are probably asking themselves the following question: But is the coffee we find in a corner really the same as in a Starbucks® coffee shop? The answer is a resounding 'yes': the coffee is the same. With the We proudly serve Starbucks® coffee programme, enjoy fresh coffee beans with just the right amount of foam, which you can even customise by adding syrups, milk and extra shots of coffee.
Just like in Starbucks® shops, you can choose from a variety of coffees: Dark Espresso Roast, made with the same 100% Fair Trade beans as in Starbucks shops, or Blonde Roast for a lighter taste. But that's not all! You'll also find Teavana's refreshing teas, their delicious hot chocolate and other specialities.