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Services B&B HOTELS Portugal: Pets


At B&B HOTELS, as our slogan Only For Everyone indicates, everyone is more than welcome. We know that many of you have a pet and that it is part of your family, so we suggest you travel with it to any of our hotels!  Any information you need in this regard, you will get it by contacting each hotel via email or phone. The service has an extra cost per pet/day, as it is subject to availability, we recommend you to contact the hotel and make the reservation directly, we are waiting for you!

We remind you that pets must always be under the supervision of their owner and may not be left alone in the common areas of the hotel. 

To access the breakfast area you will have to place yourself where the hotel staff will indicate you for your convenience. 

When you arrive at the hotel at reception we will give you a document with the conditions of stay for pets.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact B&B HOTELS.

*Be eco service not available for bookings with pets.