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Start the day successfully with our B&B Green Breakfast

The Green Breakfast in all hotels ensures a successful start to the day. B&B HOTELS also takes an ecological approach to breakfast. For example, the Green Breakfast pays particular attention to avoiding unnecessary packaging and waste, as well as offering a wide selection of products. The sustainable breakfast buffet also has a selection of gluten- & lactose-free products for guests with food intolerances. The motto of the hotel group - "Only for Everyone" - thus also applies to the rich breakfast offer.

Guests of B&B HOTELS can choose from a selection of sweet and savory treats every day. These include sweet pastries, various breads & rolls, cold cuts, cheese, jams, honey, nut nougat cream, muesli in three varieties, fresh fruit salad and yogurt. A superfood bar with healthy toppings such as flaxseed, oatmeal and raisins round out the offerings. B&B HOTELS pays particular attention to the  seal and sustainable products when it comes to animal products such as sausage & cheese products, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt and cream cheese, as well as fresh fruit & vegetables, the various types of tea and the muesli. Spreads such as nut nougat cream and liverwurst are available to guests in a large jar instead of small, individual plastic containers.

Guests help themselves to a variety of hot drinks and juice made from sustainably grown oranges every morning without limit.

With the Green Breakfast, adults start the day healthy and invigorated for only €10.50 and children for only €4.00.