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B&B HOTELS France : Have you heard of the Money Back & Guest Guarantee?

B&B HOTELS is committed to providing you with the best experience, from the moment you make your booking to your departure the day after your stay in one of our hotels. We also recognise that in life, sometimes not everything goes according to plan.

That's why we offer you our Money Back & Guest Guarantee available in our hotels (with the exception of the hotels listed at the bottom of the page)*.


Our guarantee: the assurance of finding an ideal accommodation solution for your future trip 

The principle? A service dedicated to you that takes into account your comments about your stay in our hotel.   

How does it work?  Throughout your stay, our hotel team is at your disposal. In the event of a proven malfunction and if no solution can be offered to you directly, a money-back & guest guarantee can be requested for the first night of your stay.
This will allow you to request reimbursement for the service concerned.


Satisfied or refunded with B&B HOTELS, it's not just talk!

B&B HOTELS is fully engaged in our customer satisfaction philosophy and goes even further. As its name suggests, the Money Back & Guest Guarantee will give us the opportunity to make amends. 
We offer you an invitation that will allow you to come back and stay at the hotel at our expense. You won't have to pay for anything (apart from any optional expenses), just drop off your bags!


B&B HOTELS acts and takes care of you, book your next stay now


*List of B&B HOTELS in France where the Money Back & Guest Guarantee is not available and cannot be requested: 


B&B HOTEL Aix-les-BainsB&B HOTEL Fort-de-FranceB&B HOTEL Paris Créteil
B&B HOTEL Angers Parc ExposB&B HOTEL La Rochelle Beaulieu PuilboreauB&B HOTEL Poitiers Aéroport
B&B HOTEL Besançon ValentinB&B HOTEL Laval OuestB&B HOTEL Romilly-sur-Seine
B&B HOTEL Béthune Bruay-la-BuissièreB&B HOTEL Limoges GareB&B HOTEL Saint-Geours-de-Maremne Hossegor
B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Saint-André-de-CubzacB&B HOTEL Longwy Porte du LuxembourgB&B HOTEL Saint-Jean-de-Luz
B&B HOTEL ChaumontB&B HOTEL Marne-la-Vallée ChellesB&B HOTEL Saint-Martin-de-Crau Alpilles Camargue
B&B HOTEL Cholet NordB&B HOTEL Marseille Centre La TimoneB&B HOTEL Sélestat Centre-Alsace
B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Sud AubièreB&B HOTEL Metz Est Technopole Pôle SantéB&B HOTEL Thionville Centre Gare
B&B HOTEL Colmar ExpoB&B HOTEL Montbéliard SochauxB&B HOTEL Valence TGV - Romans
B&B HOTEL CompiègneB&B HOTEL Montélimar Sud 
B&B HOTEL Compiègne ThourotteB&B HOTEL Montpellier Vendargues