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E-conciergerie at B&B HOTELS

Local, practical and personalised information per hotel

One of the values dear to B&B HOTELS is to innovate in order to always better accompany our guests - our main concern - before, during and after their stay, to offer them the best possible experiences.

Today, we offer you our new connected concierge service.

The advantages of our e-concierge service?

Accessible 24 hours a day via our Wi-Fi portal, this service gives you the means to find all the information you need to make your stay easier: our reception opening hours, breakfast service or the services and facilities available in the hotel where you are staying.

Find practical information that will help you organise your visit: itineraries, shops, useful addresses and works nearby, or even reminders of the health regulations in force. 

Not forgetting a selection of restaurants in the town and other catering solutions, so that you don't have to ask yourself (too) many questions before coming to one of our B&B HOTELS. 

New: Your e-conciergerie is expanding and offers you online press!

Accessible from your computer or your smartphone, you can now consult your magazine or newspaper for free from your room! Take advantage of more than 120 press titles: Ouest-France, Auto Moto, Closer, Sciences et Vie... there's something for everyone ! Are you interested in international news ? The foreign press is also part of the catalog.

How can you access this service and our personalised advice? 

Simply via the email received the day before your arrival, but also from the hotels Wi-Fi connection or by scanning a QR code present in all of our hotels.

Please note that this e-concierge service is available in many languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Russian) and also allows you, if necessary, to report any problem relating to your reservation by adding all the details or a photo. This is a creation that will change your life!

Whether your stay is for personal reasons, with or without children, or for professional reasons, the time of a training course, an interview or a simple appointment, discover our new e-concierge service during your next reservation at B&B HOTELS!