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The CSE - Social and Economic Committee offer by B&B HOTELS in France

Discounts with your CSE on your hotel nights

The partner code of your CSE allows you to access the following discount:

  • 10% discount on room rates for the first night
  • 20% discount on room rates for the second night
  • 30% discount on room rates for the third and subsequent nights.

Conditions of the CSE offer: 

Discount applicable only in France by inserting a code directly on the B&B Hotels website or mobile application on the room rates in effect at the time of booking (excluding breakfast, extras and tourist tax), valid 7 days a week, subject to availability of rooms at this rate, not cumulative with the loyalty programme and any promotional offer, special rates, special offers and/or promotions or seasonal discounts, upon communication of the valid partner code, and upon presentation of proof of link with the Customer's company (CSE card, company card).

How to get a partner code for your CSE?

Contact our sales department at
We respond to companies' CSEs as soon as possible.

How to benefit from it?

Make your reservation on our website, by entering your CSE code by clicking on the coupon in the search bar.

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