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Stay in Île-de-France from €59 per night!

GOOD DEAL : Your stay in Paris from €59!

Your stay in the Paris region from €59 is possible! Until the last minute, book your stay in the Paris region, in one of our modern and friendly hotels, and benefit from an exceptional rate on each night and each room.

Kill two birds with one stone: enjoy your hotel night from €59 and discover one of our new hotels in the Paris region! Equipped with Chromecast, Drouault pillows and duvets and Bultex mattresses, our rooms are ideal for a good night's sleep. In the morning, treat yourself to our full sweet and savoury breakfast buffet! All the conditions are met to spend a pleasant stay at low cost in the Paris region. 

From now on, book your stay in one of our hotels above from 59€!

List of participating hotels : 

B&B Hôtel Champigny-sur-MarneB&B Hôtel Paris Malakoff Parc des Expositions
B&B Hôtel Paris Sud Châtenay-MalabryB&B Hôtel Meudon Velizy 
B&B Hôtel Igny PalaiseauB&B Hôtel Paris Porte de Bagnolet 
B&B Hôtel Le Port-Marly Saint-Germain-En-LayeB&B Hôtel Paris 17 Batignolles 
B&B Hôtel Nanterre Rueil-MalmaisonB&B Hôtel Paris Porte des Lilas 
B&B Hôtel Paris Gennevilliers AsnièresB&B Hôtel Paris Roissy CDG Aéroport