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Travel Agencies Solutions with B&B HOTELS Switzerland

Looking for the best value in accommodation for your customers?

Then welcome to B&B HOTELS!


At B&B HOTELS, we propose you a modern, comfortable and economical hotel solution. 

Our "Only For Everyone" formula offers both business and leisure guests a unique combination of high quality services at an attractive price. Our hotels all over France offer rooms with interior decorations customized to suit your destination to create a unique stay.

We ensure you an incomparable quality of night thanks to our specially designed bedding equipment. Start the day with our all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast with a wide choice of fresh, local and organically grown products*. And of course, you have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and a chromecast in your room*.

We also think about your needs: the best price on our website for your room available 24 hours a day and parking solutions with private car parks to allow you to travel with peace of mind*.

Through our comprehensive support, we make it easier for you to organise and implement your travel offer.

You can reach us :

*Not all hotels in our network can offered these services. Do not hesitate to contact your hotel when making your reservation. 

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B&B HOTELS: you are making the right choice! 

B&B HOTELS is the leading independent hotel chain and is experiencing a record growth in the budget hotel sector in Europe, supported by the opening of an average of one new establishment per week in France and abroad.


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