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Pet friendly hotel

Pets are nowadays considered as real family members. For this reason, B&B Hotels accepts cats and dogs for a very small fee, allowing everyone to travel with their four-legged friends. So, if you are travelling for business or pleasure and can't trust your cat or dog with anyone, you've come to the right place.


Where to stay with our four-legged friends?

The feeling of joy when your four-legged friend is waiting for you in your room is something that families and holidaymakers, as well as business travellers, want to experience. When a guest checks into a room, the friendly staff at reception will tell you which restaurants allow pets and which town facilities welcome dogs, allowing you to enjoy walks and carefree hours with your family and four-legged friends.


Book your stay with your four-legged friend right away!

How to book in one "pet friendly" hotel in Ljubljana? Booking is quick and easy, you only have to add the service in the payment section. For a small extra fee, you can guarantee a stay in a hotel that is designed to accommodate your pets.