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The Grand Est Region, highly recommended by our clients!

The Grand-Est region is full of lively places to discover at any time of the year! 

Starting with the city of Strasbourg. Book your hotel in Strasbourg, the European Capital is home to many monuments and districts classified by UNESCO, such as the Republic district. Museums, exhibition and performance centres welcome you to the city where half-timbered houses, a vestige of the Alsatian capital's glorious past, stand alongside the dynamic business districts.

How can we not mention Colmar when we talk about the Grand-Est region? Our B&B HOTELS in Colmar are happy to open their doors to you for the length of your stay in the city known as the Little Venice of France. Overlooking Lauch and Logelbach, the medieval architecture of the old town illustrates the glory of this city that remains to shine.

The Great East: a pleasure for the eyes and for the taste buds! 

If visiting Colmar in spring is an opportunity to witness the flowering of the richly decorated gardens, the end of year festivities are also very popular: the magical Christmas markets make young and old dream. The Christmas markets are a dream for young and old alike. With their entertainment and light displays, you can also try out the local delicacies.

Start with the Flammekueche and quiche lorraine flambéed tarts; the sweet versions, especially the mirabelle tart. For more hearty meals, do we need to mention sauerkraut and baeckeoffe? At any time, try a pretzel or a piece of munster, the most popular cheese in the region... Not forgetting to mention the wines which can also be enjoyed warm at the foot of the chalets and market stalls. 

Our customers would certainly advise you to make your reservation without further delay because there will not be enough for everyone...

We can assure you that with our hotels in the Grand Est, you will be able to travel along the famous Alsace Wine Route. Whether you are a wine lover or not, the 170 km of landscapes punctuated by vineyards are calling you. Our B&B HOTELS in Mulhouse are the ideal base for your Alsatian roadtrip! 

After Alsace, Lorraine! 

On the French-Belgian border, Lorraine breathes fresh air: the Vosges mountains, the forests, the lakes and numerous ponds of the Moselle are all places where you can reconnect with (your) nature. 

What to do and see in Lorraine?

If Nancy, Epinal, Metz, Verdun or Vittel are the must-see cities in Lorraine, our B&B HOTELS in Saint-Avold and Amnéville-les-Thermes welcome you as a couple or with your family.

Weekend programme: wellness session in the town of thermal waters, only 20 minutes from Metz. Relax and reconnect with yourself while enjoying a good night's sleep in our B&B HOTEL Amnéville-les-Thermes! For the little intrepid ones, the Safari adventure at the Amnéville Zoo (less than 6 minutes walk from your room) waits until your arrival to let you discover more than 300 different species of animals. 

Saint-Avold Coeur de Moselle is full of cultural sites to visit. Marked by its mining past, the industrial landscape is now an integral part of the face of the town of Saint-Avold. Remembrance tourism also pays tribute to the men who fell in Lorraine to defend our freedoms. 

Make room for nature in your suitcases and take advantage of the many footpaths and hiking trails that dot the Moselle region. Lakes and ponds are all good places to stroll. 

Discover and enjoy the Grand Est region by staying in our B&B HOTELS!