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Meeting Rooms at B&B Hotel Borgaro Torinese

The B&B Hotel Borgaro Torinese is the ideal choice for organizing an event thanks to the rich and customizable offer at competitive prices.

Whether it's a party, a meeting or a workshop, the hotel's extraordinary offer will be able to satisfy any type of requirement. The location near the Caselle airport and proximity to the station make it the ideal destination for your event. There are 8 meeting rooms available, two of which are very spacious: the Party Room and the Congress Room, which can hold up to 600 and 500 participants respectively! All rooms are equipped with:

  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Wifi
  • Overhead projector
  • Blackboard and sheets

The staff will support you in organizing events in a complete and effective way, also for the creation of ad hoc catering services (standard, reinforced coffee breaks, light brunches and standard brunches), set-ups, audio and video assistance.

                                                                                                              ROOM FITTINGS AVAILABLE


SALA FESTE500m²600 partecipanti450 partecipanti
SALA CONGRESSI500m²500 partecipanti350 partecipanti
SALA PANORAMA112m²110 partecipanti60 partecipanti
SALA FOYER80m²70 partecipanti45 partecipanti
SALA MONTEROSA48m²60 partecipanti35 partecipanti
SALA MONGINEVRO45m²60 partecipanti35 partecipanti
SALA CERVINO23m²10 partecipanti10 partecipanti
SALA MONVISO21m²16 partecipanti16 partecipanti