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Cerea neh! (local dialect for ‘hello there’). B&B Hotels is the best way there is to greet your arrival in Piedmont and to experience the region comfortably in the smartest way possible. Piedmont has not forgotten that it was once the “Capital” region, both in terms of culture and business, and it remains as vital as ever. Amid its history, modernity, art and entertainment there is a very rich heritage which includes a city with a cosmopolitan feel, namely Turin, as well as small towns, castles, fortifications - almost fairy-tale like in appearance - and a culinary tradition that rivals that of Italy’s other regions.

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A really special weekend in Piedmont includes a visit to the royal residences, located around Turin, which were built by the Savoy dynasty: the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama, Valentino Castle, Palazzo Chiabese and the Queen’s Villa (Villa della Regina). It is also learning whilst having fun at the very modern National Cinema Museum, or discovering new flavours and precious wines amid the Barolo’s hills.

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