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Anvedi! (Roman dialect for “Would you look!”) B&B Hotels welcomes you to one of Italy’s most hospitable and colourful regions. As the cradle of western civilization, Latium has Rome, its cultural, administrative and business capital, but it also conceals a priceless heritage that is to be found beyond the walls of the Eternal City, consisting of villages and towns that are crammed with history and tradition.

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Should you decide to visit Rome, it most certainly will not disappoint you. It has so many things of beauty and sites and wonders waiting to be experienced and visited: the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, its museums, its villas, the Roman Fora, its squares and its hills. Such great beauty appears almost never ending. But it’s not just art and culture, there’s also the shopping and the nightlife. Italy's capital city has an intense and lively social life, one in which it is truly difficult to get bored, as well as an internationally renowned tradition of food and wine. So a visit to one of the Trastevere district’s traditional trattoria restaurants is an absolute must.

However, Latium is not just Rome. All around there are veritable natural, cultural and archaeological wonders to be found. As well as Ostia Antica, Cerveteri and Tarquinia there’s also Viterbo, Anzio and Latina, right down to the sea at Gaeta. It’s a richness that makes Latium one of Italy’s most varied regions that is so popular with tourists.

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