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Who has never seen the Place Stanislas? Who still doesn’t know about the École de Nancy’s influence on architecture? Who has never been tempted by a bergamot, a Nancy speciality well known to food lovers? You? You concentrate on getting there, B&B Hotels will take care of your accommodation in Nancy.

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Seeking a hotel room with free wifi in Nancy ? Our hotel at Laxou, close to the city centre, train station and Zénith venue is a great choice. There are two other options: the B&B Frouard 1 and B&B Frouard 2, both close to the Frouard and Champigneulles train stations.
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History and urbanism

Capital of the Duchy of Lorraine – much coveted by Charles the Bold - Nancy has Léopold and Stanislas to thank for turning it into the magnificent city we know today. Given to the French Crown on the death of Stanislas in 1766, Nancy made it through the French Revolution unscathed, but was not so fortunate during the two World Wars. If the second half of the 19th century was the time of industrialisation, the early 20th, under the influence of the Nancy School (or "Ecole de Nancy"), belonged to architecture.


Nancy boasts three symbolic squares, all made Unesco World Heritage sites in 1983 : Place Stanislas, Place de la Carrière and Place d’Alliance. You must visit them, whether you’re looking for culture or just shopping. The Old Town takes you back to mediaeval times, before the Stanislas ensemble brings you back to the New Town. 


You can’t visit the École de Nancy Museum without seeing the Villa Majorelle, a masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture: the two go hand in hand. If you don’t have much time during your family weekend or if you’re only here briefly on business tourism, you should at least visit the gates to the city – de la Craffe, de la Citadelle, Saint-Georges, Saint-Nicolas, Sainte-Catherine, Stanislas and Désilles – which are real architectural marvels, before opening the door to your hotel. 


This Lorraine city is alive with festivals and major events. Since it began in 1979, the Livre sur la Place literary fair has become unmissable for literature fans. A sound and light explosion awaits at the Rendez-Vous Place Stanislas, some memorable jam sessions at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations and the greatest classical voices at the Nancyphonies. Surely reason enough for a stay in Nancy

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NANCY Laxou Zénith within 4,07 Km

Rue du Saulnois
Parc de l'Observatoire
54520, Laxou

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NANCY Frouard (2) within 6,97 Km

3 rue de Nerbeveaux
Espace commercial Grand Air - Espace Zéphir
54390, Frouard



per night for one   Room for 1-2 people. 1 large bed

from 17/06/2019 to 18/06/2019

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NANCY Frouard (1) within 6,99 Km

1 rue de Nerbeveaux
Espace commercial Grand Air - Espace Zéphir
54390, Frouard



per night for one   Room for 1-2 people 1 large bed

from 17/06/2019 to 18/06/2019

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