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  • Oviedo

B&B Hotel Oviedo

Ctra. AS-17 exit 24 La Fresneda-Viella-Siero , 33429 Oviedo, Spain
+34 985 265 926 +34 985 265 926

Hours and useful information B&B Hotel Oviedo

Contact the reception desk

Phone: +34 985 265 926
+34 985 265 926
Service 0.05 €/min
+prix appel

Reception desk hours

Open 24 hours.

Breakfast hours

From Monday to Friday: 6:00 - 10:30h
Weekend & public holidays: 7:00 - 11:30h

Cheap hotel in Oviedo - B&B Hotel Oviedo

Are you looking for an affordable and relaxing stay for your next trip to Oviedo? Look no further! The location of B&B Hotel Oviedo offers guests a genuine experience in the heart of nature. The hotel is located in the La Fresneda residential area, just a five minute walk from the Principado Park and the largest shopping centre in Asturias, with shops such as Ikea, top clothing brands, electronics and department stores. The equestrian centre is about 5 minutes away on foot and the Barganiza Golf Club is only 10 kilometres away.

Gijón and Avilés are a 20 minute drive away, where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and coastal areas.

In other words, everything you need is within reach, making B&B Hotel Oviedo the perfect home base! Want to go a little further? No problem: our hotel is only 700 metres from Fresneda station, so you can easily access any part of Oviedo.


B&B Hotel Oviedo has 100 spacious and comfortable rooms with 26 and 32 inch LCD TVs, Wi-Fi access, central heating, a hairdryer and private bathroom, providing comfort to each of our guests.

The tranquility of the hotel’s location makes it a cosy, personal island of serenity, away from the bustling excitement of the city. You can choose from our single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms or triple rooms.

Hotel Services

In addition to our customer service, with reception available 24 hours per day, B&B Hotel Oviedo offers free WiFi and complimentary coffee and tea in our 24-hour lobby, where you can relax and socialise, watch your favourite shows or take your time choosing the places you’d like to visit. If the purpose of your visit is both business and pleasure, the B&B Hotel Oviedo offers you everything you need to fully enjoy your trip. The shops, bars and restaurants available within the shopping centre will provide a comfortable and relaxing stay.


There is nothing better than a delicious B&B breakfast to start your day. Breakfast lovers will be delighted to know that a buffet is served everyday from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 10:30am, and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 to 11:30am. Breakfast includes a wide variety of hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), delicious fruit juices rich in vitamins, crunchy cereals, delicious freshly sliced bread, and freshly baked bread and pastries, accompanied by cold meats.


The hotel provides a free outdoor car park with 35 spaces to conveniently park your vehicle.

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Utilities and services B&B Hotel Oviedo

  • Open reception 24h
  • Free High Speed WiFi
  • Free coffee and tea 24h
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Free outside parking area
  • Vending machine
  • Late check out
  • Luggage room
  • Pets welcome
  • Bar
  • Cafeteria
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Publication date 16/05/2019

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Access to the hotel

B&B Hotel Oviedo is easy to reach, whether you arrive by plane, bus or car. Our hotel is next to the main road (A-66) connecting La Fresneda to the centre of Oviedo. The Hotel also provides free parking for your convenience. Without a doubt, the B&B Hotel Oviedo is the perfect solution for all travellers looking for an affordable choice of hotel in Oviedo.

From the airport

By car:

  • Take the E-70/A-8 from the A-81. 8 mins (3.7 km)
  • Then, continue on the E-70/A-8 and the A-66 towards the AS-17 
  • Take exit 22 from the A-66. 21 mins (36.6 km)
  • Continue on the AS-17 Ctra to B&B Hotel Oviedo for 2 mins (1.4 km). AS-17 exit 24

By bus:

  • Take the Oviedo Airport bus to the Oviedo Bus Station - 40 minutes (direct)
  • Next, take the Oviedo-La Fresneda bus to El Castro - Cruce La Fresneda (5 stops)
  • Walk to B&B Hotel Oviedo (approximately 700 metres)

From the centre of Oviedo

By car from Campo de San Francisco Campo San Francisco:

  • Take the A-66 from Calle Sta. Susana, Calle Arzobispo Guisasola, Ronda Sur y O-11. 8 mins (3.8 km)
  • Continue on the A-66 towards the AS-17 and then take exit 22 from the A-66. 4 mins (7.0 km)
  • Continue on the AS-17 to B&B Hotel Oviedo 2 mins (1.2 km)

By bus from Plaza Primo de Rivera:

  • Take the Oviedo-Soto de Llanera bus, which takes 16 min (2 stops) to Plaza Central (La Fresneda)
  • Then walk 750m to B&B Hotel Oviedo. AS-17 exit 24