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  • Cantanhede Coimbra

B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra

(RNET 3093) Av. Comandante Xavier Gomes Gama, 1 , 3060-209 Cantanhede, Coimbra, Portugal
+351 231 410 220 +351 231 410 220

Hours and useful information B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra

Contact the reception desk

Phone: +351 231 410 220
+351 231 410 220
Service 0.05 €/min
+prix appel

Reception desk hours

Open 24 hours

Breakfast hours

From Monday to Friday: 7:00 - 10:00h
Weekend & public holidays: 7:00 - 10:30h

Cheap hotel in Cantanhede - B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra

Are you looking for an affordable stay for your next trip to Cantanhede? Look no further! B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra is the perfect place to stay for business or leisure trips in the coast of Portugal. If you are arriving by car, the hotel is easily accessible by N234.

In other words, everything you need is within reach, making B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra the perfect home base! Want to go a little further? The location is excellent: 23 km away from the sandy Praia de Mira and Toxa, 13 minute drive from the historic town of Ançã ad 30 minute from the well known city of Coimbra.

B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra is a 3-star hotel with 66 rooms, each equipped with air conditioning or heating, a comfortable desk, bathroom, LCD flat screen TV and free high-speed WiFi. You can choose from our double, twin, triple, family or junior suite rooms.

Hotel Services

In addition to our customer service, with reception available 24 hours per day, B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra offers free WiFi on all the building.

If the purpose of your visit is both business and pleasure, B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra offers you everything you need to fully enjoy your trip.


There is nothing better than a delicious B&B breakfast to start your day. Breakfast lovers will be delighted to know that a buffet is served from Monday to Friday from 7:00-10:00 | Saturday and Sunday from 7:00-10:30. This breakfast offers a wide variety of hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), delicious vitamin-rich fruit juices, various cereals, fresh and tasty sliced bread, freshly baked bread and pastries to accompany your favourite cold meats.


The B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra provides a free covered car park to comfortably park your vehicle.

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Utilities and services B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra

  • Reception disponibile 24h Open reception 24h
  • Free High Speed WiFi
  • Macchinetta per caffè Free coffee and tea 24h
  • Colazione a buffet Buffet breakfast
  • Aria condizionata Air conditioning
  • Parcheggio esterno gratuito (secondo disponibilità) Free inside parking
  • Ascensore Lift
  • pictogramme accessibilité chambre 24/24 B&B HOTELS Late check out
  • pictogramme consigne à bagages B&B HOTELS Luggage room
  • pictogramme bar B&B HOTELS Bar
  • Meeting room Meeting room
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1 room, rooms, 1 guest guests guests

Children: Travelling with children? We have special prices for children under 12. Check out next steps!

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Hotel acces

The B&B Hotel Cantanhede Coimbra is easily accessible, whether you arrive by plane, train or car. Our hotel is located onlye a 3-minute drive from the city center of Cantanhede.

  • From the airport Oporto (OPO): 76-min drive / 118 km
  • From Mealhada Pampilhosa Station: 21-min drive / 17.8 km
  • From Coimbra Station: 27-min drive / 23.7 km

Driving directiones

  • From SOUTH - NORTH direction If you travel by car and take the A1, towards SUL-NORTE, you should leave at the node of COIMBRA NORTE, going to CANTANHEDE / FIGUEIRA DA FOZ, on the A14. On A14, you should exit to CANTANHEDE / ANÇÃ.
  • From NORTH - SOUTH direction If the direction is NORTH-SOUTH, you should exit to the MEALHADA / CANTANHEDE toll. After passing the toll, you should turn right to MURTEDE / CANTANHEDE, on the national road. If traveling on the A17, in the direction of SUL / NORTH, you should exit to SANGUINHEIRA / TOCHA, following the N 335. If traveling in the NORTH / SOUTH direction, you should exit to MIRA / CANTANHEDE, following EN 234 until Cantanhede.

Public transport


Those who visit the county of Cantanhede are invited to share their unique experiences of the three natural regions that make up the territory: Gândara, sea, Bairrada, inside and lower Mondego River in the south, a valley adjacent to the famous stone quaries Ançã. In Gândara you can enjoy the bucolic retreat from Spring in Fervença or in many other places, enjoy the soft white sands and the sae breeze and the smell of the beaches that keep intact the traditions of art Xávega and enjoy the flavors of the stew apaladados, sea bass or grilled sardines on the tile. In Bairrada, which has the best roast pork delicacy the Leitão Assado, of their rich tradition of culinary and wine, in Cantanhede, the most precious nectar of the demaracted region, there are still references to a careful tilling sunny slopes that form part of the collective imagination. In the lower Mandage, after the passage through the rugged topography of the quarries, where there are often marks of the activities related to the extraction of stone Ançã, so appreciated by the most prominent sculptures of the fiftheenth and sixteenth centuries, stretches a fertile valley and swamp that intergrates Campos de Mondego.

A visit to Cantanhede would not be complete without a long look in the Parish Church, built in the sixteenth century, remarkable example of Renaissance sculpture in Coimbra. Jean De Rouan will post the best of his soul into the enchanting sculptures on some of its chapels.


  • Pedro Teixeira Monument (9-minute walk)
  • Casa Muncipal da Cultural (9-minute walk)
  • Church Plaza (12-minute walk)
  • Mealhada City Park - 9.1 min / 14.7 km
  • Curia Golf Club - 11.9 min / 19.2 km
  • Historic town of Ançã - 12 min / 11.2 km 
  • Bairrada Wine Museum - 13.4 min / 21.5 km
  • Museum Jose Luciano de Castro - 13.8 min / 22.2 km
  • Praia de Mira - 24 min / 23 km
  • National Forest of Bussaco - 15.1 min / 24.3 km
  • Historic town of Coímbra - 30 min / 32 km


On the Beach of Tocha or Palheirão, it marks the days allowing long walks on the beach. And if the sun marks the days, the nights, especially the warm summer evenings are marked by the joy of a good table with many friends. To the delight of a good grilled sea bass, or a stew, mix the precious aroma of the wines of Bairrada.

  • Tocha beach is one of the resorts in the central region, the beach has a blue flag and has much to offer its visitors.In this old fishing village in the municipality of Cantanhede, you can still find the vestiges of the old barns, once used by fishermen to store material used in the daily toil of the months of the summer. Tocha beach is still a picturesque village, calm and quiet, with a golden beach where, alongside the bronzed bodies of bathers, extends networks and typical boats while fishermen wait for the weather to allow them to go to sea.
  • River Eye Beach of Fervença (Praia Fluvial dos Olhas de Fervençia) Source of water aupply of the Municipality of Cantanhede and other adjacent springs, Eye of Fervença have attracted a significant annual influx of visitors, not only for their unusual features but also because they are integrated into a natural area of election.
  • Palheirâo Beach. Located only a few kilometres north of Tocha Beach, it withstands absolutely intact, Palheirâo Beach - officially known as Golden Beach, is a true refuge with the expection of environmental guidelines.

Tourist information offices

  • Town Council of Cantanhede Praça Marquês de Marialva 3064 - 909 Cantanhede Opening hours: 09H00 - 17H00 Tel: 231410100 | Fax: 231410199 Email: Website:
  • Tourist Office of Ançá Praça do Pelourinho 3060-049 Ançã Tel: 239964545 | Fax: 231410199 Email: Website: Opening hours: 10H00 - 12H30 | 14H00 - 18H00 (Tuesday - Sunday) Closes: Monday 1st of January, Easter Sunday, 1st of November and 25th of December
  • Tourism Office of Cantanhede Largo Conselheiro Ferreira Freire 3060 - 503 Cantanhede Tel: 231410155 | Fax: 231410199 Email: Opening hours: 10H00 - 13H00 | 14H00 - 18H00 (Monday to Saturday) Closes: Sundays, 1st Janurary, Easter Sunday, 1st of November and the 25th of December.
  • Tourism Office of Tocha Beach Praia de Tocha 3060 Tocha Tel: 231420798 | Fax: 231410199 Email: Website: Opening hours: 10H00 - 13H00 | 14H00- 18H00 (Everyday) Period of operation: 15th of June to the 15th of September.
  • Tourism Office of Varziela Rua Dr. Santos Silva - Varziela 3060 - 161 Cantanhede Tel: 231420798 | Fax: 231410199 Email: Opening hours: 10H00 - 12H30 |14H00 -18H00 (Tuesday to Sunday) Closes: Mondays, 1st of January,Easter Sunday, 1st of November and the 25th of December.